Trickshooter Social Club - Monte Carlo EP

Trickshooter Social Club – Monte Carlo EP

Today, I am presenting something completely different from what you get used to stumbling upon these pages. The band that I would like to introduce to you today embraces several genres to illustrate their feelings, emotions, and ideas. Do not forget flawless musicianship that usually goes with all the bands who dare to cross the boundaries of popular music and embrace a more experimental side. However, this experimental side doesn’t explore avant-garde music, but some traditional genres we all get used to listening to before. Trickshooter Social Club comprises experienced musicians who spent countless hours listening, practicing, rehearsing, performing music, and the result is more than hearable at their latest offering to the broader auditorium.

Monte Carlo is their latest and most advanced recording that contains four flawlessly executed compositions. Musicwise, Trickshooter Social Club avoids all the classifications into a singular music genre. The group explores every genre you could imagine, but in the end, everything sounds compact and thoughtfully assembled. Besides the sheer dominance of American rock’n’roll sound, you will also notice other genres like power-pop, classic pop, alternative rock, garage rock, pop-punk, country, and blues. What blows my mind about Trickshooter Social Club is how the musicians involved in this band handle every style incorporated during this EP release. The best part about Monte Carlo EP is that each number sounds equally good, and you’ll have such a wonderful time listening to it.

Trickshooter Social Club bases its idea around powerful power pop, pop-rock, pop-punk, alternative rock chord progressions. You will have a hard time defining the era this band explores at some moments because some ideas resemble something that renowned groups would eventually explore during the seventies, eighties, or nineties. Still, Monte Carlo keeps up with the latest trends in music, so there is something for everyone. The irresistible rock’n’roll aesthetics are continuously lurking around, so no matter if you’re into their cheerful, upbeat tunes or some ballads, you’ll notice that rock’n’roll inspire Trickshooter Social Club the most. Warm-sounding basslines are glued to the guitars and drums, and sometimes you’ll get the feeling there’s no bass involved during the entire material, but do not worry, it is there. That only speaks about the impressive skills of their bass player. The remainder of the rhythm section keeps everything in line with an exceptional drumming performance, built upon moderate rhythmic sequences, catchy accentuations, and fills. The female lead vocals offer calmy, dreamy, soothing chants, which perfectly match the impressive musicianship of the group.

Everything about Monte Carlo EP seems about right, and Trickshooter Social Club proved they’re capable of writing, composing, recording, producing catchy pop-rock material decorated with countless ear-appealing ingredients. Monte Carlo EP is available on Spotify, so head over and give Trickshooter Social Club a chance.



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