Yesterday’s Ring – Goodbye Nightlife LP (Little Rocket Records)

Today, I got two new excellent records from Graeme of Medictation, Leatherface, and Little Rocket Records, so let’s start with this gem first. Yesterday’s Ring is a long-running trio consisting of Hugo Mudie, Fred Jacques, and Louis Valiquette, who played in The Sainte Catherines together. This album also includes Frankie Stubbs on vocals and guitar,… Read More Yesterday’s Ring – Goodbye Nightlife LP (Little Rocket Records)

Trickshooter Social Club – Monte Carlo EP

Today, I am presenting something completely different from what you get used to stumbling upon these pages. The band that I would like to introduce to you today embraces several genres to illustrate their feelings, emotions, and ideas. Do not forget flawless musicianship that usually goes with all the bands who dare to cross the… Read More Trickshooter Social Club – Monte Carlo EP

Justin Freely – What A Time To Be Alive

Justin Freely is an Australian indie artist based in Melbourne who gained experience while performing with various local musicians over the years. His debut solo recording came as a result of short hiatus from performing with musicians such as Mr. Jimmy, Leah Senior, and Foggy Notion. Justin decided to gather skillful musicians for the recording… Read More Justin Freely – What A Time To Be Alive

Hans Roofthooft – Skeletons LP (Bearded Punk Records)

Hans Roofthooft is a Belgian lead vocalist and guitar player widely known for his work at F.O.D. I previously wrote an article about their exceptional full-length named Sleepville, which unquestionably deserves your uttermost attention. This time, I would like to focus more on his solo outlet, which explores more mellow-sounding indie waters. Skeletons is his… Read More Hans Roofthooft – Skeletons LP (Bearded Punk Records)

Alpha Cat – Pearl Harbor 2020

Elizabeth McColough’s story about this particular album is quite interesting. It makes me wonder about other artists and their stories about the recording process, various circumstances, fortunate and unfortunate events that somehow affected their songwriting and life. Elizabeth briefly explained everything about songwriting, composing, recording process but also thoroughly told the story about the people… Read More Alpha Cat – Pearl Harbor 2020

Mike Noegraf – Outrospection LP (Various Labels)

Mike Noegraf is a French singer/songwriter deeply rooted in folk music. He’s been lurking on the scene for quite a while with a couple of recordings under his belt. If you’re into European acoustic performers and the folk scene, you probably stumbled upon his previous records, such as split release with Roma Wreckman, Safe &… Read More Mike Noegraf – Outrospection LP (Various Labels)

Dr Schwamp – Tunes, Tall Tales & Tinctures LP

Dr. Schwamp is one of the most characteristic bands I had an opportunity to encounter during my explorations through the vast world of music. Their musical direction is not so obvious to be defined by simplistic terms, neither the group tends to converge on a particular genre. Quite the contrary, Dr. Schwamp floats between an… Read More Dr Schwamp – Tunes, Tall Tales & Tinctures LP