Sedlmeir - Schallplatte CD - Off Label Records

Sedlmeir – Schallplatte CD (Off Label Records)

Here are the latest release from the recent batch sent by Rookie Records. I have to admit it was a nice collection of various artists ranging from punk rock to even experimental music. These releases were recent recordings released by the labels such as Rookie Records, Kidnap Music, and Off Label Records. Today’s pick comes from Off Label Records, a record label I am encountering for the first time. However, I am entirely familiar with Sedlmeir, who released his latest full-length recording on this particular label. Previously, Sedlmeir released an impressive number of full-lengths, such as Hard Rock Roboter, Feelings, Import Export, Singularität, Melodien Sind Sein Leben, Fluchtpunkt Risiko, Rache, and Senioren Genen Faschismus. Of course, loads of singles and extended plays come in between these full-length recordings.

Schallplatte contains fourteen rock’n’roll compositions enhanced by cleverly assembled lyrics. The lyrics contain loads of humor, pervaded by heavy dosages of socio-politic criticism. Sedlmeir not only focuses on local but also on a global scale, so his songs resonate on so many levels, spheres, pores of society, or call it what you will. Besides criticism, Sedlmeir also serves generous servings of themes you can think of at the moment. Musicwise, his music could be classified as plain rock’n’roll, but his sound is far away from simplified rock’n’roll music. Besides the sheer dominance of rock’n’roll sound, you may stumble upon minor or major ingredients, such as indie rock, alternative, punk rock, anti-folk, synth-wave, new wave, and electronic music.

Perhaps Sedlmeir solely relies upon rock’n’roll sound or uses this term to easily describe his music, but he incorporates so many genres along the way, and every composition sounds superb. The best part about this particular material is how all the tunes work together in harmony, so you won’t have the feeling like you’re listening to a completely off material. Quite the contrary, Schallplatte may sound raw, abrasive, grungy at some points, but it is unquestionably a harmonious slab of rock’n’roll music. Sedlmeir loves punk rock as well, so this particular genre is probably the most dominant after rock’n’roll. The remainder of the beforementioned elements is implemented here and there. Therefore, they’re serving as enhancements or decorations at the particular compositions. Sedlmeir incorporated tons of ideas into Schallplatte, and it’s nearly mindblowing how each one of them works on this material. This vinyl record will be right up your alley if you dearly love German rock, indie rock, punk rock music, but expect some other ingredients along the way. Schallplatte is available at Off Label Records, so head over to their website for more detailed information about ordering.




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