Sons Of Cyrus - Can You Dig It? DLP - Sounds Of Subterrania

Sons Of Cyrus – Can You Dig It? DLP (Sounds Of Subterrania)

Sons Of Cyrus - Can You Dig It? DLP - Sounds Of Subterrania

Here’s another new one from a recent Sounds Of Subterannia Records batch. Before I even delve deep into the sound of this particular double vinyl record, I must say how I was blown away by the fact of how much the label paid attention to every single detail. Sounds Of Subterannia is not joking around when it comes to the packaging and the visual identity of their releases. You can pick up any title, and you’ll be blown by the quality, innovation in packaging, and visual appearance itself. It is also the case with Can You Dig It? by Sons Of Cyrus. The striking illustration follows this double vinyl release, so you’ll immediately connect this recording to the legendary movie The Warriors. Besides plenty of characters showcased on the front cover artwork, you’ll notice a member of The Furies, a gang that also appears in the beforementioned movie. Of course, you’ll also spot on that the illustrated bandmembers are wearing the clothes of other gangs depicted in The Warriors. Even the album title indicates that the band members are fans of this movie. As a fan of The Warriors, I love this double vinyl record even more because of that fact.

Another important fact about this double vinyl release is a collaboration with Suspense. Suspense is a company that revolutionized the vinyl consuming experience by enabling everyone with Suspense vinyl-video phono pre-amplifier to visually enjoy vinyl on their TV set. If we put the powerful music aside, this additional option will be such a treat for all vinyl collectors. With great assurance, I can state this record is a piece of artistry in every possible way. As far as I could inform myself from the cover artwork, Can You Dig It? is a collection of previously released 7″ records and singles by Sons Of Cyrus. For those who might not know, Sons Of Cyrus was a Swedish group, which probably best demonstrated the sheer ferocity of rock’n’roll music. Since its inception at the beginning of the millennium, the group released an impressive amount of full-lengths and extended plays. Sounds Of Subterrania previously released some of their recordings, but Can You Dig It? appears as a comprehensive collection that carries their best works captured on 7″ records before.

Sons Of Cyrus are going far beyond plain rock’n’roll music. Besides the sheer dominance of classic rock’n’roll sound, you may hear other ingredients like hard rock, garage rock, punk rock, and deathpunk. Still, their music resonates with pure rock’n’roll the most. The group explores the old school sound of the beforementioned genres, so their compositions resonate nearly the same as the groups who lurked the rock’n’roll scene during the late sixties, all the way through the seventies till the early eighties. It’s mindblowing how these guys pulled off this type of sound, considering the times they were active. Everything from guitars, bass guitar, rhythm section to song structures, arrangements, and production emits the retro rock’n’roll vibe we all dearly love and admire. The abovementioned elements of hard rock, garage rock, punk rock, and deathpunk are maybe minor comparing to rock’n’roll, but still, they’re vividly hearable in their music. You owe it to yourself to possess this fine piece of artistry if you’re into the pure rock’n’roll sounds. Sounds Of Subterrania has done incredible work by capturing the essence of the very important Swedish band on double vinyl but also did impressive work with the visual aspect of this particular release. You’ll be blown away by the sonic and visual appearance of Can You Dig? It for sure. Head over to Sounds Of Subterrania for more information about ordering this rock’n’roll gem.




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