The Chris Ruben Band – Madness On Repeat

Today, I would like to introduce an outstanding group that shakes the boundaries of several genres altogether with its music. Their sound spans over so many genres that it makes it so difficult for us journalists to count them all in one sitting, and that’s probably a good thing because this material deserves repetitious consumption… Read More The Chris Ruben Band – Madness On Repeat

Feed Lemon – Feed Lemon CD (Cold Soul Records)

The contemporary grunge scene is booming right now. The grunge revival is currently a big thing on an underground music scene, and there’s plenty of good bands out there who’re proudly carrying the torch of the greats who paved the way nearly three decades before them. Surprisingly, most of these new groups sound equally good… Read More Feed Lemon – Feed Lemon CD (Cold Soul Records)

Muvieli – Dreams Of Utopia

Muvieli is a relatively new name on the indie scene, entirely operated by Maximiliano Lambarri, a Mexican-American multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer based in Los Angeles, California. The story behind this project is quite interesting. After experiencing the music scene for a couple of years, Lambarri decided to become a solo artist and create music on… Read More Muvieli – Dreams Of Utopia

Atlantaeum Flood – One Day LP (Schoolkids Records)

Today, we have another exceptional group on our pages. This time, I decided to introduce some divine instrumental music to you, and this particular recording will perhaps suit those who are in search of flawlessly performed psychedelic instrumental sound. Atlantaeum Flood is one of many projects/bands that involves Marty Willson-Piper, best known for his work… Read More Atlantaeum Flood – One Day LP (Schoolkids Records)

Skids – Songs From The Haunted Ballroom CD (Cleopatra Records)

It would be so difficult to argue about the Scottish punk rock scene and somehow avoid legendary the Skids. Talking about classic punk rock music and not mentioning some of their tremendous recordings should be considered a crime. The group delivers an ear-appealing blend of classic punk rock and a new wave since its inception… Read More Skids – Songs From The Haunted Ballroom CD (Cleopatra Records)