The Chris Ruben Band - Madness On Repeat

The Chris Ruben Band – Madness On Repeat

The Chris Ruben Band - Madness On Repeat

Today, I would like to introduce an outstanding group that shakes the boundaries of several genres altogether with its music. Their sound spans over so many genres that it makes it so difficult for us journalists to count them all in one sitting, and that’s probably a good thing because this material deserves repetitious consumption to comprehend the brilliance of this band. The Chris Ruben Band planned to finish their latest material in six months, but it spanned over two years and three studios until they finally finish it. It seems like that was a better way because this material sounds incredible, and with the initial notes, you can hear the brilliance of the musicians involved in this project. Perhaps Madness On Repeat is a debut album by The Chris Ruben Band, but you will immediately notice a tremendous experience of the involved musicians, who’re giving their best from scratch to finish.

Madness On Repeat carries eleven compelling compositions that are serving the right amounts of several music genres. The band heavily promoted this material with singles, such as Cold Shoulder, Unsure, and Won’t See You. Each one of these songs serves as a perfect overture for the remaining portion of their full-length material. Maybe their music could be best described as psychedelic funk, but there’s unquestionably more than meets the eye. Besides psych-funk, you may stumble upon some other ingredients like alternative rock, indie rock, indie pop, soul, classic rock, rock’n’roll, and many other notable elements along the way. The Chris Ruben Band thoroughly explores all of these genres through their technically demanding numbers. Despite being profoundly complex, these compositions are liberating more than enough soothing melodies. Therefore, with great assurance, I can only state that Madness On Repeat is a perfectly balanced material that will satisfy both fans of progressive music and admirers of a calmy indie sound.

This material leaves a state of positive experience after a couple of listening. Madness On Repeat shines bright with some progressive, flawlessly performed, psychedelic tones, but the group doesn’t stop there. The band incorporates the heaviness of alternative rock, aesthetics of indie rock and still leaves enough room for occasional explorations into other genres. However, the psychedelic/progressive ambiance plays a significant role throughout the entire album, and these musicians decided to spice things up along the way to the max. There’s also occasional space rock ambiance lurking around here and there, which goes perfectly with the overall aesthetics of the band. You’ll be blown away by rhythmic maneuvers, thoughtfully arranged low-end tones, atmospheric keys/ synths, catchy guitar chops, and engaging lead vocals of Chris Ruben. Even if you scratch the surface and listen to only a couple of songs of this material, you’ll notice these experienced musicians are not joking at all. Madness On Repeat is a pure masterpiece that offers countless hours of entertainment and listening pleasures. You can listen to Madness On Repeat at Spotify, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud.


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