We already witnessed how musicians are collaborating between each other during the pandemic but INTERCONTINEN7AL uplifts everything on an entirely another level by connecting musicians from all seven continents. INTERCONTINEN7AL features 22 musicians who collaborated using the BandLab application to deliver a full-length recording consisting of twelve profoundly detailed compositions. The best part about this… Read More INTERCONTINEN7AL – INTERCONTINEN7AL

The John Michie Collective – High Vibrations CD

The John Michie Collective is unquestionably a rare phenomenon on the indie rock scene. Powered by marvelous ideas, exceptional musicianship, and a perfect understanding of balance, John Michie proves that some musicians don’t need involvement with the entire band at all. Mix these crucial ingredients with tremendous songwriting, composing, producing skills, and you got yourself… Read More The John Michie Collective – High Vibrations CD

John Shields – Songs Of Defiance

John Shields is an experienced songwriter, composer, keyboardist, audio producer, and studio engineer with current residence in Nashville, Tennessee. His music offers a unique experience which I highly recommend for those who’re into progressive indie music with unexpected twists and turns. These surprises are occasionally decorated with outstanding ideas and tremendous musicianship, which often explore… Read More John Shields – Songs Of Defiance

Hans Roofthooft – Skeletons LP (Bearded Punk Records)

Hans Roofthooft is a Belgian lead vocalist and guitar player widely known for his work at F.O.D. I previously wrote an article about their exceptional full-length named Sleepville, which unquestionably deserves your uttermost attention. This time, I would like to focus more on his solo outlet, which explores more mellow-sounding indie waters. Skeletons is his… Read More Hans Roofthooft – Skeletons LP (Bearded Punk Records)