Sonic Descent Announces An Album Release With The Latest Single

Sonic Descent - Luna Tick

Jeff Thill of Sonic Descent announces a full-length recording named Full Throttle with a debut single, Luna Tick. After twenty years spent working as a stand-up comedian, Jeff Thill decided to unleash his ideas as a comprehensive collection of powerful pop-punk compositions. The idea for a full-length material came after working in Hollywood. Thill spent some time working on a UFO documentary where he met dozens of top military eyewitnesses who shared stories of bizarre and unsettling extraterrestrial events. This experience profoundly inspired Thill to start writing, composing, producing material that will later become a Full Throttle. Thill also involves a decent amount of humor in his songs as the result of his longevous career in stand-up comedy.

Sonic Descent

By listening to Luna Tick, you cannot escape the feeling Sonic Descent is heavily inspired by the greats of the genre, such as Ramones, X, Devo, Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, Talking Heads, The Stranglers, and many others. The powerful old-school pop-punk/punk rock sound is enhanced by vividly hearable symphonic aesthetics that give an entirely different dimension to this composition. This sonic ambiance perfectly pairs with the themes explored within these songs, so you’ll be positively surprised by the entire package. Jeff Thill knows what he’s doing, and Sonic Descent may be the next big thing in your music collection.

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