C-Beem Promotes A Brand New Single

C-Beem - Sweet Song

UK artist C-Beem promotes Sweet Song, the latest single that showcases explorations into several complementary genres. Besides a robust indie rock base, you may hear how C-Beem incorporates the elements of indie pop, dream pop, alter-pop, shoegaze, yacht rock, art rock, and post-punk. His latest composition carries a particular dosage of the eighties and nineties atmosphere but also liberates enough articulations characteristic for the contemporary indie-pop scene. This number will surely gather interest of all curious ears but also satisfy even the pickiest listeners interested in the abovementioned genres. This highly creative artist combines all these elements and applies their best affinities in order to decorate his sound even more.


Sweet Song offers loads of psychedelic melodies, polyphonic harmonies, pleasant ambiances, chord progressions, and guitar accentuations. All these ingredients may seem a bit too much, but quite the contrary, Sweet Song resonates in a very sophisticated, relaxing, calmy manner. The number is profoundly melodic, thoughtfully assembled, and flawlessly arranged from scratch to finish. Sweet Song is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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