The Macrotones – Unknown Outpost CD (Music ADD)

Unknown Outpost is the third full-length album by The Macrotones. If you have previously visited our pages, you probably stumble upon our reviews about First Signs Of Danger CD and Darvaza 12”. Boston’s finest afrobeat ensemble unquestionably defies the fundamentals of the genre by thoroughly exploring other musical interests of the involved musicians. Therefore, their… Read More The Macrotones – Unknown Outpost CD (Music ADD)

The Macrotones – Darvaza 12″ EP (Music ADD)

Today we’re talking about another older recording by The Macrotones, an afrobeat/funk/psychedelic rock band based in Boston, Massachusets. Previously, we covered their second album named First Signs Of Danger that blew us away with its diversity and detailed approach to the beforementioned genres. Darvaza is their following recording that went a step further in these… Read More The Macrotones – Darvaza 12″ EP (Music ADD)

The Macrotones – First Signs Of Danger CD (Music ADD)

The sound of The Macrotones is challenging to define by simplistic genre classifications, but it’s definitely worth your attention. Nevertheless, their experimentations with a comprehensive collection of various genres are unquestionably appealing to the listening apparatus. First Signs Of Danger is their second full-length recorded back in now distant 2011, but it’s still relevant today… Read More The Macrotones – First Signs Of Danger CD (Music ADD)

Faratuben – Sira Kura CD (Sounds Of Subterrania)

Faratuben is a Malinesian/Danish ensemble comprised of eight highly experienced musicians who’re delivering traditional bobo music. The bobo music is playing an integral part in bobo culture and folklore, and this specific sound is usually achieved on balafon (West African marimba) and dondo (the talking drum). Faratuben decided to upgrade traditional articulations by implementing omnipresent… Read More Faratuben – Sira Kura CD (Sounds Of Subterrania)

Qoniak – Mutatio CD (Hummus Records)

Qoniak is an experimental electronic duo comprised of Vincent Membrez and Lionel Friedli. The group explores so many musical spheres that it’s so difficult to grasp their music in just one listening. This duo bases its sound on vintage analog machines, profoundly detailed synthesis, and a comprehensive collection of complex rhythmical maneuvers. The highly intelligent… Read More Qoniak – Mutatio CD (Hummus Records)

H.P. Zinker – Mountains Of Madness 2×12″ (Noise Appeal Records)

H.P. Zinker nurtured a turbulent lifestyle throughout their career, but that eventually nominated them for cult status among the Austrian underground music scene. Led by a prolific mastermind Hans Platzgumer, Zinker released five great albums, such as And There Was Light, Beyond It All, Perseverance, Staying Loose, and Mountains Of Madness. Besides the albums, H.P.… Read More H.P. Zinker – Mountains Of Madness 2×12″ (Noise Appeal Records)

Igralom – Sunovrat LP (Geenger Records / Ammonite Records)

If you fancy some afrobeat oriented rock’n’roll, which has been perpetuated with great musicianship, and distinctive vocals, then Igralom is more than the right choice for you. Their second full-length album called Sunovrat contains gracious portions of positive vibrations, perfectly saturated melodies, danceable rhythms, and retro-sounding production that reminiscent psychedelic music from the seventies. Still,… Read More Igralom – Sunovrat LP (Geenger Records / Ammonite Records)

JAX – Honey

JAX is a highly skilled hip hop artist hailing from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. His endeavors have started with brilliant singles such as Weekend and Know You, both published sometime in 2017. Two years later, JAX delivers his debut full-length album simplistically called Honey, but behind the minimalist approach in naming the recordings, hides a true… Read More JAX – Honey