Divine Lorraine - Divine EP

Divine Lorraine – Divine EP

Divine Lorraine - Divine EP

There’s a lot of things going on in the music world right now that I can barely cope with all brand new releases. The tremendous recordings are popping out from every possible direction, and all of them are pretty much good. However, there is a decent amount of bands that are taking things on an entirely new level. Perhaps they’re exploring the same old music genres as any other group out there, but somehow they managed to sound completely different, fresh, and unique. Thankfully, I stumbled upon Divine Lorraine, one of those bands who’re taking things on a new level. Recently, the group released a debut recording, followed by another single that came out a couple of days ago. However, I would like to talk a bit more about their extended play today.

Divine EP is a debut material by Divine Lorraine that includes three beautiful compositions that fail any classifications into a singular music genre. Quite the contrary, these tunes are spanning over several complementary genres from scratch to finish, but for some weird reason, they sound compact all the way through. Divine Lorraine could easily fit into indie rock mold, but there’s unquestionably more than meets the eye. Besides the sheer dominance of indie rock, you may stumble upon indie-folk, folk-rock, garage rock, grunge, alternative rock, stoner rock, acoustic rock, and rock and roll. Maybe theese subgenres of rock music flawlessly articulate together, but each element delivers an entirely different ambiance within these compositions. The group thoroughly explores each of these genres to the maximum without overwhelming the initial indie rock direction. Therefore, you’ll solely enjoy these tunes no matter if you’re looking out for mellow indie-rock melodies or more abrasive, grungy, dynamic alternative rock shreds. Divine Lorraine keeps these tunes folky as much as possible, and it seems the group feels so comfortable in those waters.

The fuzzy chord progressions are giving the main character to these songs. This particular semi-distorted sound goes perfectly with both the indie and folk sides of this band. Still, the guitars are not overwhelming other instruments, mainly because there are not generous portions of distortion involved throughout this material. The rhythm section keeps everything dynamic and in line, so these numbers contain a particular dosage of energy, aggression, and dynamics but still, they sound mellow and folky. Divine Lorraine balances somewhere between these affinities and retains a specific atmosphere that will appeal to every listener. The vocals are subtly aggressive and melodic. These chants perfectly match the sound of this interesting band, and to be honest, I couldn’t imagine any other vocalist taking this role. You should check out Divine EP if you’re looking out for a flawlessly performed indie rock with a twist. Divine EP is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud.


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