Numbers Don’t Count Promote Their Latest Single

Numbers Don't Count

German indie rock duo Numbers Don’t Count promote their latest single named A Girl I Met In June. The single dropped on June 4th and instantaneously gathered some positive critics from a broader auditorium. It is the second single in a row by this Berlin-based indie rock duo that came right after the debut number called Wholesome You. Judging by these two compositions, the bright future is ahead for these creative musicians, who’re blending the best affinities of independent music genres. However, it seems that their latest offering represents a step further for this duo, mainly because it showcases a tremendous progression in songwriting and composing.

Numbers Don't Count - A Girl I Met In June

A Girl I Met In June serves just about the right amounts of summertime melodies, harmonies, polyphonic maneuvers, and moderate rhythmic acrobatics. It contains elements of power pop, indie rock, indie pop, indie folk, folk-rock, and alternative rock, perfectly blended into a harmonious slab of ear-appealing tones. Each one of these beforementioned elements acts as an enhancer, while the indie rock base remains the only constant throughout the entire composition. It is such a perfect soundtrack for warm, sunny days spent on the beach. A Girl I Met In June is available on all streaming platforms.

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