Ender Bowen – The Art Of Tactful Procrastination

Ender Bowen - The Art Of Tactful Procrastination

Today, I would like to introduce an artist who has been involved in the music industry for twenty years, had his ups and downs, but eventually, always jumped on his feet and released outstanding music. This artist saw all the positive and negative sides of the music business but kept his chin up and continued producing powerful compositions that will satisfy even the pickiest listening apparatus. Ender Bowen perfectly understands the latest trends on the contemporary indie scene, goes with the flow, and makes out the best pieces of work with his bright ideas and tremendous musical abilities. It also seems that he awaited the right time to release his album, which will see the light of the day in November this year, but actually, he spent six years in the making of his best recording to date.

The Art Of Tactful Procrastination is a piece of artistry, written, composed, recorded, assembled, and produced with so much patience and care. Right with the initial beats of this full-length, you’ll notice Ender Bowen is not joking when it comes to producing music. He thoroughly planned his compositions to the max by investing only the best ideas, carefully implementing every segment, accentuating each partition, and then finishing them with the latest tools in music production. He approaches songwriting and composing with so much sense for balance and compactness. Therefore, each composition presented on The Art Of Tactful Procrastination appears as the next big thing that could hit high on the indie charts. Ender Bowen is one of those indie artists who uses all his weaponry in creating tunes that will resonate with those listeners who’re willing to open their hearts and minds to the flawlessly executed indie numbers.

Nevertheless, it would be so naive to say this is just a plain and simple indie album because there’s more than meets the eye. As I said before, Ender Bowen not only thoughts about the details but also about the genres that will work out with the indie base of his sound. Therefore, you may stumble upon several other complementary genres along the way. Besides the strong indie rock base, you’ll notice a presence of indie pop, dream pop, goth-pop, synth-pop, synth-rock, alternative rock, and smaller chunks of new wave. Perhaps you’ll think this pile of genres is way too much, but no worries, Ender Bowen arranged this material to resonate most logically and compactly. The subgenres of pop music work like a charm with a predominant indie rock/alternative rock base. Each instrument acts as a vital ingredient of this recording. From heavy rhythm section and vividly hearable basslines to striking guitars and perfect synth ambiances, The Art Of Tactful Procrastination will instantly get under your skin. Just add Bowen’s engaging lead vocals, and you got yourself an indie rock masterpiece that will spin on your stereo for weeks.

Maybe The Art Of Tactful Procrastination comes in November, but you’ll have the chance to enjoy the first single in a month, so keep your eyes peeled at Ender Bowen’s social media and music streaming platforms like Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube. Don’t miss this one out!

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