Damn Good Liars – Damn Good Liars EP

Damn Good Liars - Damn Good Liars EP

The group I would like to introduce today sounds like nothing we had on these pages before. Their music may sound familiar, but the way this band articulates is special, unique, and fresh. Their sophisticated music will freshen up your listening apparatus and open new frontiers in terms of alternative music. However, this band threatens to become the next big thing on the alternative scene, mainly because of the way they sound. Perhaps Damn Good Liars are a relatively new group, but with the initial notes, you’ll notice a tremendous experience of each involved band member. Since their inception, this Newbury, UK-based trio released a single named Station Wagon Model Chic and a self-titled EP. Today, I would like to talk a bit more about this EP.

Their debut extended play contains four catchy compositions that are spanning over several complementary genres. Each one of these genres works like a charm for this trio, and it seems like these musicians are capable of performing any style during these four songs. Damn Good Liars continuously levitate between nineties alternative rock, nineties grunge, rock and roll, and contemporary indie rock. You may also stumble upon some subtle alter-pop aesthetics, but Damn Good Liars are keeping their music in alternative rock waters as much as possible. Still, the way how these skilled musicians are handling the beforementioned genres goes beyond comprehension in so many ways throughout this extended play. It’s been a very long time since someone played these genres in a spectacular, sophisticated, catchy way like Good Damn Liars, and they nailed with these compositions in my book.

Good Damn Liars solely relies upon mellow sounds and moderate tempos, but what keeps their music interesting are highly engaging lead vocals and exceptional guitar performance. Female lead vocals keep these compositions interesting with mid-range to high-pitched chants that continuously keep the listeners’ attention. The semi-distorted guitar offers catchy riffs, chord progressions, harmonies, melodic themes, and other virtuosities. The bass guitar sounds divine from the beginning to the end of this material. Besides supporting the guitars all the way through, you may also hear how this instrument perfectly pair with the drumming performance. Good Damn Liars carries a variety of styles, but you’ll get the feeling like you’re listening to the best alternative rock trio ever. Their music will instantly throw you back to the nineties nightlife experience when the pub pop-rock bands ruled the most, and I mean it in a best possible way. This self-titled EP is available on streaming services, such as Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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