Atlantaeum Flood - One Day LP - Schoolkids Records

Atlantaeum Flood – One Day LP (Schoolkids Records)

Atlantaeum Flood - One Day LP - Schoolkids Records

Today, we have another exceptional group on our pages. This time, I decided to introduce some divine instrumental music to you, and this particular recording will perhaps suit those who are in search of flawlessly performed psychedelic instrumental sound. Atlantaeum Flood is one of many projects/bands that involves Marty Willson-Piper, best known for his work with The Church, All About Even, Moat, and others. Besides Marty, Atlantaeum Flood also consists of Steve & Lynne Knott, Olivia Willson-Piper, and Dare Mason. One Day is their debut full-length material that carries eight beautiful instrumental folk-rock compositions, decorated by exquisite musicianship of the abovementioned musicians.

One Day is not another generic instrumental album you stumble upon on a daily basis. Quite the contrary, One Day stands out from the pile of tirelessly repetitious instrumental rock recordings. This material represents a soulful voyage through the vast universe of folk-rock. However, Atlantaeum Flood is not just a simplistic folk-rock. Their sound showcases the elements of progressive rock, psychedelic rock, post-rock, indie rock, shoegaze, dream pop, world, and ethno music. Still, these musicians are articulating in quite a sophisticated and unique manner, so One Day appears like nothing you heard before. There is something about their performance that resonates with the divine atmosphere. Perhaps it’s because of the subtle presence of reverb, echo, and delay effect that gives nearly a cathartic feel. Each composition liberates enormous amounts of pleasant tones that will heal your soul each time you need calmy and relaxing music.

Atlantaeum Flood solely relies upon mesmerizing melodies, harmonies, arpeggios, chord progressions, and other polyphonic delicacies delivered by acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars. You may also hear some distorted guitars, but more as subtle solos and accentuations. Pleasant ambiances delivered by keyboards are also playing one of the significant roles of this album. Both guitars and ambiances are mainly responsible for the heavy psychedelic atmosphere that perfectly match the progressive rock and folk aesthetics of the band. Besides these two elements, you may also hear a subtle presence of string instruments such as cello and violin, which are decorating this album even more. The percussions act as a rhythm section that provides stability to the entire band and keeps everything in line from scratch to finish. The group thoroughly planned each segment and sequence of this material. Therefore, One Day appears as a perfect soundtrack for those moments when you need relaxing but detailed music the most.

One Day comes on a vinyl record decorated with a cover artwork that depicts lunar eclipse. This visual identity marvelously goes with the sonic aesthetics of the group. Head over to Schoolkids Records for more detailed information about ordering. Don’t miss this one out.


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