Atlantaeum Flood – One Day LP (Schoolkids Records)

Today, we have another exceptional group on our pages. This time, I decided to introduce some divine instrumental music to you, and this particular recording will perhaps suit those who are in search of flawlessly performed psychedelic instrumental sound. Atlantaeum Flood is one of many projects/bands that involves Marty Willson-Piper, best known for his work… Read More Atlantaeum Flood – One Day LP (Schoolkids Records)

Shanyio – Of The Waters / A Apelor CS

Shanyio came a long way from experimental artist to prolific avant-garde composer/multiinstrumentalist. Perhaps this Romanian artist seem like a prolific musician who releases his recordings on a nearly monthly basis, but Shanyio calculates and simultaneously works on several projects at the time. Therefore, it may appear like his albums and collaborations are popping from every… Read More Shanyio – Of The Waters / A Apelor CS

Kaouenn – Mirages LP (Various Labels)

Mirages is one of those albums you’re stumbling upon once in a lifetime. It’s a material that delivers freshness, uniqueness, and entertainment by simultaneously blending various aesthetics with an aim to enhance the listening experience even more. Mirages is the most-advanced recording by Kaouenn, the alter-ego of Nicola Amici, an Italian multi-instrumental artist with residence… Read More Kaouenn – Mirages LP (Various Labels)

Solarminds – Her Spirit Cracked The Sky LP (Mind Altering Records)

Solarminds are roaming the scene for quite a while, and their unstoppable creativity creates wonders on each subsequent album. Since their formation in 2001, the group took a particular direction that evolved for two decades, so their music only becomes more meaningful, deep, and detailed with time. No matter if you ever stumbled upon their… Read More Solarminds – Her Spirit Cracked The Sky LP (Mind Altering Records)

Dr Schwamp – Tunes, Tall Tales & Tinctures LP

Dr. Schwamp is one of the most characteristic bands I had an opportunity to encounter during my explorations through the vast world of music. Their musical direction is not so obvious to be defined by simplistic terms, neither the group tends to converge on a particular genre. Quite the contrary, Dr. Schwamp floats between an… Read More Dr Schwamp – Tunes, Tall Tales & Tinctures LP