Nomotion – Abide CD EP

Nomotion - Abide CD EP

It’s been a while since I covered a goth-inspired group on these pages, and it seems like I’ll need to do that more often since loads of brilliant artists are continuously popping from every corner of the globe. The group I will talk about today is unquestionably a unique one, mainly because of the vast amount of styles they include in their music. Nomotion is an English goth group that roams the scene since 2014. Since its inception, the group released an impressive amount of tremendous recordings such as Ritual Murders EP, The Little Death EP, Songs Best Served Cold LP, and Funeral Parade Of Lovers LP. The group keeps it prolific as much as possible, and each one of the beforementioned releases sounds tremendous.

It’s been more than two years since Nomotion released a brand new material, but the band is coming back better than ever with their latest EP recording. Abide carries five profoundly melancholic goth compositions, enhanced by several complementary genres along the way. Nomotion heavily promoted this EP over social media platforms with a couple of singles, such as Elizabeth and Something Out There (feat. Rob Coffinshaker). These numbers also ended up on this material. The sound of Nomotion is quite interesting, mainly because you can hear a couple of elements that unquestionably define their music. The dominant presence of goth rock aesthetics is certainly hearable throughout the entire material, but the band isn’t shy to show some other interests along the way.

The group solely relies upon a calmy approach to goth rock sound by incorporating the elements of southern rock and blues. The goth element plays a significant role in lyrics and melancholic ambiances, while the bluesy vibes are pervading from all possible directions. The abovementioned southern rock interventions are contributing to the ambiance in a specific manner and uplift this record on an entirely new level. You may hear how the music of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, Sisters Of Mercy, Fields Of The Nephilim, The Doors, King Dude, Wovenhand, and many others inspired Nomotion. There’s a certain post-punk vibe circulating around but in a very sophisticated manner. So many great bands shaped the music of Nomotion, and this is the proven formula that never fails.

You’ll be blown away by the calm, melancholic, psychedelic, bluesy tones and chord progressions assembled to perfection. Each member offers his best performance, and that aspect of this material is vividly hearable from scratch to finish. The lead vocals offer a tremendous goth-inspired performance that stands side by side with the greats of the genre. Everything about this material seems just right. Abide comes on a compact disc, but you can also find it on streaming services such as Spotify and Bandcamp. Don’t miss this one out if you’re into perfectly assembled goth rock music.

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