Danny Lamport – Musician On A Mission

Danny Lamport - Musician On A Mission

Here’s a special treat for those who missed exceptionally performed folk tunes. As soon as you press play, you’ll notice that Danny Lamport puts heart and soul into his songs. There is something about his singing, performing, and articulating that will force you to fall in love with his music. Since his beginnings, Danny released a debut full-length named Speak Words Of Truth To My Soul, Airplane EP, and a series of singles such as Inclination, Songs Of Apology, What Lies Inside, Whole Again, and Closer To The Truth. Recently, he announced Musician On A Mission, a brand new full-length album set for a release on July 2nd.

Musician On A Mission contains seven sophisticated acoustic folk compositions that will undoubtfully satisfy even the pickiest ears among folk music lovers. However, these compositions include some other ingredients that are decorating this material even more. Danny incorporated elements of classic rock, seventies psychedelic rock, psychedelic pop, indie rock, soul, and funk along the way. Each composition includes some of these elements, delicately implemented into the core of the songs but hearable enough to give you the hint of possible presence. Danny Lamport almost solely relies upon acoustic aesthetics, but you may also hear some semi-distorted or distorted rhythm guitars and soloing. These distorted layers are perfectly matching to his Americana and bluegrass-themed numbers.

Still, as I mentioned before, some compositions are going way beyond these aesthetics, so you can vividly hear how Lamport involves generous servings of indie rock, psych-rock, rock, soul, and funk on some segments. His singing technics are flawlessly pairing to any mood he’s currently in, so you’ll almost immediately notice you’re listening to an artist who’s capable of performing any genre he feels suitable at the moment. Most of these songs resemble sophisticated, nearly psychedelic, detailed ballads capable of melting your heart, but Lamport offers loads of melodies, harmonies, and chord progressions to keep your ears occupied and focused on these tunes as much as possible. There’s no even the slightest doubt in my mind you’ll immediately relish these compositions and crave for more after the first spinning. The album drops on July 2nd on all streaming platforms, so keep an eye on this tremendous artist. You can pre-save the album here.

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