Samas – S/T EP

Samas - S/T EP

It’s been a while since we had an artist like this one on our pages. There are not so many musicians out there who’re merging classic punk rock with rock’n’roll music. I mean, there is a decent amount of artists who’re exploring these aesthetics, but not in the way Samas do it. Something lurks in his tunes that puts him to a level above many others who decided to combine punk rock, rock’n’roll, and indie on the contemporary scene. He’s a relatively new name in the game but tends to keep things prolific as much as possible. Since his inception, Samas released several singles that served as a perfect introduction to his latest self-titled EP.

This material carries four compositions that are going into the very depths of the beforementioned genres. You can notice how Samas explores seventies punk rock sound but simultaneously involves some rock’n’roll, hard rock, blues, and indie. The subtle presence of blues comes as a nice touch over the punk rock and rock’n’roll aesthetics. There’s also a decent amount of studio reverb roaming around, which surrenders a bit of eighties indie vibe over these compositions. Samas produced this material like some renowned indie rock recordings, so the indie is present all around from scratch to finish. Each instrument plays a vital role on this ear-appealing journey, which will be right up the alley for all those listeners who’re looking out for some retro-sounding music with a touch of contemporary sound.

Samas deals with some classic themes through his lyrics, like life, love, relationships, emotions, moods, situations, circumstances, but most of all, his songs are calling out to all the listeners to stay positive during these troubling times. Each one of these songs carries the message to remain free, think positive, live your life to the fullest and keep trying no matter what obstacles you stumble upon during your lifetime. His songs are giving a glimpse of hope in the times when the vast majority lose their minds because of the pandemic, isolation, quarantine, and other issues, which struck all of us on a daily basis. There’s a bit of cheerfulness enclosed in his compositions, mainly because these tunes contain tons of dynamics and energy. The melodies, harmonies, and chord progressions match his chants, so the entire package sounds incredibly good. This self-titled EP is available on Spotify, so give it a listen and decide for yourself.

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