Muvieli – Dreams Of Utopia

Muvieli - Dreams Of Utopia

Muvieli is a relatively new name on the indie scene, entirely operated by Maximiliano Lambarri, a Mexican-American multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer based in Los Angeles, California. The story behind this project is quite interesting. After experiencing the music scene for a couple of years, Lambarri decided to become a solo artist and create music on his terms. He received his artist name from a shaman who was in charge of the indigenous ceremony he experienced during his visit to Mexico. Recently, he released a debut album named Dreams Of Utopia. It seems the visual identity for an album is heavily inspired by the ceremony he witnessed. The artwork consists of beautiful ornaments and a giant crow, positioned nearly at the center of imagery. It is such a beautiful addition to the perfectly executed music.

Like many other artists, Maximiliano decided to start his project in 2020, in the middle of quarantine caused by a global pandemic. He began writing the songs, recording, assembling what will become pieces of his full-length. These experimentations resulted in eight powerful indie-rock compositions, flawlessly arranged and executed to satisfy even the pickiest admirers of this particular genre. However, as usually is the case with all indie rock artists nowadays, Muvieli‘s unveils even more genres as you dig deeper into his album. Besides indie rock, you can notice how alternative rock, art-rock, dream pop, and hard rock inspired this creative artist to transform his music from plain old indie rock into something fresh and unique. It seems like this material progresses even more as the album passes by, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised how Muvieli evolves from indie rock to psychedelic dream pop. He thoroughly planned each articulation, segment, and maneuver to enhance these compositions to the max.

His harmonies, melodies, chord progressions, and other sonic delicacies performed on semi-distorted guitars are continuously going beyond comprehension. Each composition offers an entirely new experience and perspective on the beforementioned genres. Nevertheless, the complete material is tied by a dominant polyphonic, dreamy, echoic ambiance. Muvieli solely relies on a calmy, moderate, sophisticated approach, so you can expect a perfect soundtrack for the moments when you need to relax and think only about good things in life. There are a couple of robust, energetic, nearly post-punk/goth/new wave numbers included along the way, which are balancing this material. Dreams Of Utopia is all about thoughtfully arranged melodies, reverby ambiance, and balance between calmy and energetic compositions, so this material will be right up your alley if you’re in search of cleverly assembled indie rock music. Dreams Of Utopia is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube. Don’t forget to check it out.

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