In From The Cold - Isolation Blues LP - Geenger Records

In From The Cold – Isolation Blues LP (Geenger Records)

I have to admit I awaited this record with anticipation since I am familiar with the sound of this band. In From The Cold are no strangers to the local and regional sludge scene. After all, the members are veterans of the underground scene and previously played in groups such as Drawbacks, That Shining Star, Eraserhead, Jimi Triple-B’s 666 Blues Band, Hang, Eyesburn, Soulcraft, Vox Populi, and Through Art. I probably missed someone from this neverending list. Isolation Blues is the latest full-length by In From The Cold, released in October by unstoppable Geenger Records. Of course, I meant about the digital release, while the vinyl version was delayed because of the annoying pandemic. That’s the price you have to pay when you’re part of the highly addictive vinyl mania, but believe me, besides the sonic side, this release is also a visual treat.

Isolation Blues comes on a standard black 12″ vinyl record and contains eight longevous sludge/stoner/doom rock compositions. The visual aspect of the vinyl release is entirely eye-peeling. The visual identity comprises abstract painting that holds an entire specter of colors. As far as I am informed, this imagery is made by mixing both analog and digital painting technics. Besides the stunning front cover artwork, the backside of the vinyl sleeve includes the tracklist and band photo. The full-color inlay carries the comprehensive photo collage, tracklist, and all the necessary information you need to know about this release. As I said before, Isolation Blues is not only a treat for your listening apparatus but also a treat for your eyes.

Soundwise, In From The Cold follows the already paved path built upon their devotion to sludge metal, stoner, and doom rock. However, the group delves even more into the depths of these genres. It seems like they dared to explore and shake the foundations, experiment with sound and aesthetics, but still, remain loyal to these genres. The riffs are still downtuned, heavy, abrasive, sludgy, but more melodic and complex. Still, the group doesn’t lack that recognizable heaviness that defines their original sound. Besides giant slabs of noise delivered by both guitars, I have to mention an excellent rhythm section that enormously contributes to the massiveness of their sound. Cleverly arranged basslines and detailed rhythmic segments hold everything in line, but they also carry a decent amount of heaviness. The vocals are still leaning towards blackened screams, regular screams, and shoutouts.

All these vocal technics work like a charm with their music. Isolation Blues possesses an excellent production for sludge, stoner, doom standards, so every articulation and orchestration is vividly hearable from scratch to finish. This album will be such a treat for all loyal fans of the beforementioned genres, and there’s no doubt about it. Head over to Geenger Records for more detailed information about ordering the vinyl record, or check out the desired platform if you’re into digital streaming.




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