Gigantic Hand Unleash A Debut Single From The Upcoming Album

Brooklyn, New York indie rock group Gigantic Hand recently released Open Letter, a first song from the upcoming full-length material, set to release in November this year. Open Letter is also the first Gigantic Hand song in twelve years, and considering the quality of this indie rock song, the group is in the mood more than ever to leave a permanent mark on the global indie scene. Soundwise, the group was inspired by Where Is My Mind? by legendary Pixies, but you may also notice some other sonic maneuvers, which are characteristic of other renowned groups, such as The National or Modest Mouse.

Kris Kaczor of Gigantic Hand
Kris Kaczor Of Gigantic Hand

Gigantic Hand leads us to a cathartic, relaxing, ear-appealing journey into the depths of the indie-rock universe, but you may also notice how other genres inspired these experienced musicians while making the Open Letter. There are minor or major interruptions of the shoegaze, dream pop, alternative rock, proto-grunge, grunge, cinematic ambient, synthwave, and retro-electronic music. The band fully stacked Open Letters with pleasant melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, keys, ambiances, and excellent rhythmic segments, which will unquestionably indulge the listening apparatuses of all the indie rock fans. Open Letter is available for listening on streaming services.

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