Baudelaire - Lethe

Baudelaire – Lethe

Baudelaire - Lethe

British post-punk group Baudelaire have unleashed a new track today. Lethe is their second composition that comes right after Prayers, a single that gathered so many positive critics from the broader auditorium. There’s no slightest doubt in my mind that Lethe will go through the same treatment from the audience, considering the ideas and musicianship invested in this particular number. The band invested nothing but heart and soul into Lethe, so the admirers of post-punk sound could solely enjoy this ear-appealing piece of sonic artistry. Still, Baudelaire aren’t thinking about the post-punk audience only. There’re more sonic ingredients lurking around, and you’ll unquestionably notice it.

Photo by Carl Battams

Besides the sheer dominance of post-punk sound, Baudelaire also incorporated only the best elements of indie, alternative, garage, and goth rock, so practically, Lethe is a composition that will appeal to anyone who’s curious enough to listen to this band. You’ll also notice how Baudelaire continuously levitates between the eighties, nineties, and contemporary music. Still, the sound satisfies all the trends in modern music production, but the atmosphere tends towards more retro waters. Lethe undoubtfully plays with your ears and mind while listening, which was probably the tendency of the band while writing, composing, recording, and producing this number. You can listen to Lethe on all streaming services.







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