• Fuckhead – Avoid Nil LP (Noise Appeal Records)

    Fuckhead – Avoid Nil LP (Noise Appeal Records)

    Here’s another good one from the recent batch of records sent by Noise Appeal Records. Once again, I am going back into the past and exploring the luxurious Noise Appeal catalog, and the release I picked up for today is unquestionably unique. Those who read my reviews regularly probably already know that this record label […]

  • Alec Berlin – LaNoise

    Alec Berlin – LaNoise

    Brooklyn-based artist Alec Berlin recently released LaNoise, an ear-appealing composition that will unquestionably appeal to all the fans of a blues sound. The number comes from a seven-track extended play release of the same name. Perhaps Alec Berlin explores the fundamentals of blues, but you’ll undoubtedly notice other genres lurking around in the mix. The […]

  • Betageist – Together

    Betageist – Together

    It has been a while since we had some post-rock music on our pages, so now is more than an appropriate time to introduce Together, one of the latest singles by Betageist. Together comes from Betageist‘s upcoming album, due for release on May 26th this year. Soundwise, the composition explores the fundamentals of post-rock but […]

  • Subhumans Announce Breathtaking Box Set

    Subhumans Announce Breathtaking Box Set

    UK punk legends SUBHUMANS have announced an incredible box set featuring their first 6 LPs alongside a bonus box set exclusive 10” version of “Unfinished Business.”  All of these records were remixed and remastered from the original tapes. This box set is filled with items that collectors will immediately want to get their hands on. In addition […]

  • Bear, Man Dangerous – Unofficial Coworker CD EP

    Bear, Man Dangerous – Unofficial Coworker CD EP

    It has been a while since we had Bear, Man Dangerous on our pages. I remember writing a review about Slow Violence, a debut extended play release by this Seattle-based solo project. In the meantime, Bear, Man Dangerous released a couple of recordings, such as More Than You Need and Unoffical Coworker. Bear, Man Dangerous […]

  • Charley – Pretty Little Things

    Charley – Pretty Little Things

    New Haven-based indie artist Charley released a new single today. Pretty Little Things is the fourth song in a row from the series of singles launched in 2020 and the first composition she released this year. Soundwise, Charley explores the fundamentals of indie sound by combining all the vital elements of the genre. Therefore, there’s […]

  • Katie Drives – Anywhere But Here

    Katie Drives – Anywhere But Here

    After a series of singles such as Maniac, Why Fall In Love When You Can Fall Asleep, Ghosts, and Next To You, and an extended play release called Fake Smiles, Berlin-based artist Katie Drives returns with the first composition this year. Anywhere But Here explores contemporary pop-punk aesthetics, but many complementary music genres are lurking […]

  • Band Of The Year – Money Talks

    Band Of The Year – Money Talks

    After a series of singles like Please Don’t Talk To Me, Lady London, I Don’t Know What To Do, Medicine, and Stranded, London-based punk rock group Band Of The Year returns with the first track this year. Money Talks is unquestionably one of those tracks that will catch your attention if you’re into contemporary punk […]

  • Beokraft – The Time Machine LP (Discom)

    Beokraft – The Time Machine LP (Discom)

    Today, we have a special release in our review section, partially because we haven’t covered any similar projects on these pages in the past. Those with a much broader knowledge of electronic music could already assume this has to do something with Kraftwerk, and you are not far from the truth. Dejan Stanisavljević (Beograd), Zoran […]

  • The Hybris – Impostor Syndrome

    The Hybris – Impostor Syndrome

    After a couple of singles and a debut full-length album called Music, Vol.1, The Hybris returns with some new music that will unquestionably appeal to all the fans of alternative rock. Impostor Syndrome is the first single this year by this international trio. The single comes as an appropriate continuation of their previous works, but […]

  • Sloppy Joe’s – Get In The Ring

    Sloppy Joe’s – Get In The Ring

    It’s time for some heavy music, and Get In The Ring is a perfect track for those moments when you need anthemic, energetic, and loud rock sounds. This composition is the latest studio work by Sloppy Joe’s, a German rock trio based in Hamburg. Previously, the group released three live singles, Right Decision, Make Some […]

  • EvilMrSod – The Gift CD (Keep It A Secret Records)

    EvilMrSod – The Gift CD (Keep It A Secret Records)

    Recently I wrote about EvilMrSod, an alter-ego of Pablo Ramón Rodriguez Rivero, singer, guitar player, and principal songwriter/composer for Fuckin’ Family Faces, a renowned rock’n’roll band from Tenerife, Canary Islands. Still, Alive And Well sounds like a perfect treat for all those listeners hooked on raw, bluesy, alt-folk, punk rock sound. Of course, this creative […]