Maffai – Shiver CD (Kidnap Music)

Here’s another one from a recent batch I received from Rookie Records. As much as I enjoy post-punk, and those who know me well know that I am deep into it, I must admit I haven’t heard for Maffai before. Thankfully, here’s the chance to get to know the music of this German post-punk group. Maffai has released quite an impressive amount of releases in such a short period. Since 2019, the band has released a full-length album named Zen and tons of singles such as Geisterstunde, Abgewandt, Tunnelblick, Schieflage, Down, and Cornerkids. Recently, Maffai released their brand new full-length material called Shiver. What really blows my mind about this particular group is how the band evolves with each new release. Each single and each album are pure pieces of artistry, and as soon as you press play on your turntable, you’ll notice an outstanding quality this young band unquestionably possess.

Shiver carries eleven wisely arranged post-punk numbers that will blow you away. Nevertheless, these guys are clever enough not to deal only with post-punk sound. Maffai continuously levitates between old and new trends in the underground, alternative, and mainstream music. Still, their sound somehow balances between underground and alternative the most. Besides the sheer dominance of both retro and nineties post-punk sound, you’ll notice some additional genres involved during the entire album that is unquestionably enhancing the listening experience. You may hear major or minor interruptions of dream-wave, synthwave, synthpop, new wave, indie rock, alternative rock, post-hardcore, and pop-punk. However, Shiver resonates as a modern, complex, dreamy, reverby, cathartic post-punk album.

What surprises me the most about this particular material is how Maffai avoids typical cliches in post-punk music. Instead of going deeply into dark, melancholic, depressive, eerie waters, the group leans towards a more cathartic, soothing, energetic, nearly cheerful sound. It is probably due to their admiration towards other music genres, which are undoubtfully incorporated from scratch to finish, and defining this album in so many ways. Shiver arrives as a more relaxing, dynamic, vigorous material that will unquestionably appeal to both old and new fans of post-punk music. Still, judging by loads of modern arrangements, production, song structures, accentuations, and their musicianship, it seems Maffai dedicated Shiver to the contemporary music scene more than to the older admirers of post-punk music. Considering all these elements, Shiver is a powerful album that seeks your utmost attention, and you should check it out as soon as you can. Head over to Kidnap Music Records for more detailed information about ordering.

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