Bull Brigade Promotes A Brand New Album With A Video For Ultima Città

Italian melodic streetpunk quintet Bull Brigade promotes it’s latest full-length named Il fuoco non si è spento with a brand new video for Ultima città. The album is published by Demons Run Amok Entertainment and it is available on vinyl, compact disc, and streaming platforms. You can purchase the goods at Demons Run Amok webshop.

Bull Brigade was born from the dust of Banda del Rione and Youngang, two iconics italian punk Oi! Bands from Torino. The idea of the charismatic singer Eugy was to build something important to leave a true mark in the scene, so in the 2006 he formed Bull Brigade.

In the last years the Band added some punk rock and hardcore influences to the pure first street punk, giving to the fans energy and powerful live performances. In 2008 when Bull Brigade released their first album “Strade Smarrite”, an album that early become a symbol of the italian street punk scene, because of its music and especially because of the iconics lyrics. In 2016 “Vita Libertà” was released, the album is very successful for the old fans and it approached new people to the band.

In March 2020, with the beginning of the worldwide pandemic, the Band released their first 7“ complete with english lyrics, called „Stronger than Time“. This marks also the first collaboration between Bull Brigade and Demons Run Amok Entertainment.

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