Ruiz! - Mind Games

Ruiz! Promotes His Debut Album Mind Games

Ruiz! is the mysteriously evoked moniker of DIY multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and vocalist Hugh Ruiz Robert, a Catalan based in Sheffield, UK. Mind Games is a debut full-length material entirely written, composed, assembled by himself, then recorded and produced on his laptop with additional live instruments involved. What makes this material so interesting is that Ruiz! never recorded an album like this, and now he has 30 compositions and material ready for the next full-length. Ruiz! put all his knowledge into this debut, and the results are surprisingly good. Mind Games received loads of positive critics from the broader auditorium all around the globe.

Ruiz! - Mind Games

Mind Games explores several genres combined into a colossal slab of harmonious music. Ruiz! explores genres such as alternative rock, indie rock, psychedelic rock, Brit-pop, power pop, new wave, post-punk, and probably some more ingredients along the way. The fast about his debut that goes beyond comprehension is the number of genres involved. Ruiz! is inspired by so many different genres, so he decided to apply them all into his sound. Nevertheless, this pile of various styles works pretty well throughout the album, so the entertainment and countless hours of listening pleasures are more than guaranteed. Mind Games is available on Spotify, and Bandcamp.






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