Alberto Rizzo Schettino - Future In The Past

Alberto Rizzo Schettino – Future In The Past

Alberto Rizzo Schettino - Future In The Past

What if you could reimagine your childhood dream and stories into a form of an audiobook and preserve them from possible oblivion. The majority of people are rapidly losing memories of their dreams after waking up, so being able to remember all of your dreams a couple of decades later can be counted as quite an achievement. Alberto Rizzo Schettino is one of those artists who decided to document the stories he dreamt of when he was younger, but instead of writing them down, he decided to record an album with twelve compositions covering these stories. Alberto included twelve entirely different scenarios depicting a cyberpunk, sci-fi, dystopian, and post-apocalyptic future. Twelve scenarios for twelve different situations, all linked by a short synopsis, as he stated in a press sheet. I adore conceptual albums because they’re acting as an audiobook fully stacked with different themes, situations, moods, uprisings, and downfalls.

Nevertheless, Alberto Rizzo Schettino decided to sonically illustrate his stories instead of going for a classic storyline. Perhaps you would expect thoroughly written scripts narrated by an experienced storyteller, but Schetinno’s music is good on its own and doesn’t need any lyric support. Future In The Past acts as a comprehensive collection of cleverly orchestrated audio storylines decorated with marvelous themes, tremendous ambiances, profoundly detailed rhythmic backgrounds, arpeggiated sequences, ambient and drone support. Each composition represents a separate story enhanced by the unique theme that sonically explains the title and intentions of an artist. The best part about this full-length material is its power to force you to visually imagine current scenery while listening to the present composition and suddenly imagine another scenery while jumping to the following number.

Besides strong cinematic ambiance, colossal symphonic feel, and perfectly executed orchestrations, you’ll also notice a dominant presence of futuristic / retro-futuristic melodies, harmonies, arpeggios, chord progressions, ambiances, and drones. Alberto Rizzo Schettino levitates somewhere between organic and generic sounds with a subtle focus on synth and electronica. However, you may notice some world music, breakbeat, and techno maneuvers along the way. All these abovementioned elements are illustrating the cyberpunk, sci-fi, dystopian, and post-apocalyptic landscapes and soundscapes, which are floating between melancholic, darkened, saddened, but also bold and heavy vibes. Alberto wrote, composed, recorded, engineered, produced the entire material at his studio in Berlin, so I have to give him props for keeping everything in DIY spirit. It would be good to mention that Future In The Past will be a soundtrack of a video game, which will see the light of the day sometime in 2022. Until then, enjoy this material at streaming services such as Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube.



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