Earth To Abigail - The Forest

Earth To Abigail – The Forest

Earth To Abigail - The Forest

It’s been a while since we had an experimental solo artist on our pages, so this particular release will suit those who’re into an avant-garde approach to several complementary genres. These music genres don’t need to be under the experimental branch by any means. Quite the contrary, the aesthetics of this particular release indicate that experimentations are one of the most significant ingredients of her sound, but she continuously levitates between experimental and non-experimental genres. Earth To Abigail thoroughly explores each one of them to achieve the desired sound. Still, you’ll never manage to classify her music under one branch, mainly because her music is so rich with brilliant ideas, perfectly saturated with pleasant textures. Like many other artists, her inspiration to write, compose and record The Forest came after experiencing what would be best explained as divine intervention. You can read more about it on her blog.

The Forest contains three cleverly assembled experimental compositions. Each of these numbers represents a part of a story about the events that occurred while she was living in Israel. I highly advise you to visit her blog and read the background story of this release because everything will make more sense to you after reading it. Musicwise, The Forest appears as an avant-garde approach to electronic music, enhanced with several other music genres along the way. Besides experimental electronic music, you may notice the heavy presence of world music, ethno, cinematic ambient, ambient, drone, and field recordings. Earth To Abigail practices the same approach at all three numbers, but each track carries a different atmosphere and appears in a completely different way.

Each track commences with calmy, dreamy, soothing ambiances and drone sounds. These soundscapes appear like an overture but suddenly become more of building blocks or guidance for other layers of sound. At first, Earth To Abigail keep these textures intact, without adding any sound layers and beats, but she gradually adds more textures and beats as the composition approaches to the end. This proven formula works for all three numbers, but somehow they all differ in ambiance, energy, and flow. Somehow she managed to separate them, so each song carries an entirely new listening experience. That’s probably due to the entire specter of ambiances, textures, beats, and different methods of approaching electronic and electronic music. It’s nearly mindblowing how the ambient drone music works with field recordings or how world/ethno music works with avant-garde experimentations.

Earth To Abigail merged all these ear-appealing ingredients and created a special release that has an intriguing background story. No matter which one of these music genres appeals to you the most, you’ll solely enjoy The Forest. The Forest is available for listening on streaming platforms.



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