Coma System – Blurred LP (Grazil Records)

Here’s another brilliant release from the Grazil Records batch. It’s nearly mindblowing how many versatile artists and bands this prolific record label carries on its roster. You can stumble upon every possible music genre by scrolling down their pages. Just name it, they have it. Come System is unquestionably one of those unique bands that’re… Read More Coma System – Blurred LP (Grazil Records)

Marcus Herne – 88 II

Once again, we’re delving deep into the experimental avant-garde waters. I would like to introduce Marcus Herne, a London-based composer and experimental artist who uses various approaches to achieve the desired sound. After the critically acclaimed composition 88, which consists of countless layers of piano recordings, Further Reach, and Forms EP, Herne revisits his artistic/sonic… Read More Marcus Herne – 88 II

Ippio Payo & Genelabo – Nobody Answers Questions LP (Geenger Records / Echokammer)

Geenger Records is on a winning streak lately (like they ever fail with upcoming releases), and today’s pick is living proof of my statement. For this particular release, Geenger Records teamed up with Echokammer, a German record label. The release I picked up for a review today goes as far as experimental music can go,… Read More Ippio Payo & Genelabo – Nobody Answers Questions LP (Geenger Records / Echokammer)

Noisesculptor – Ordinary Mind Disorders 2xCD (Unsigned Label)

To be quite honest, I listened to a decent amount of noise releases over twenty years or so, but I rarely stumbled upon collections and selected works. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying these compilations don’t exist, but for some reason, they’re rare, and noisicians are usually sticking to the recently recorded material.… Read More Noisesculptor – Ordinary Mind Disorders 2xCD (Unsigned Label)