Fixateur Externe - Disco Satan USB - Unsigned

Fixateur Externe – Disco Satan USB (Unsigned)

Fixateur Externe - Disco Satan USB - Unsigned

Here’s another dosage of Hungarian avant-garde experimentations, but this time it comes with a twist. Fixateur Externe are not strangers to these pages, and previously I had a chance to review a couple of their recordings. This material could easily pass as various artist compilation, mainly because this release represents a collection of remixes. Disco Satan bases around a particular composition called Nyitva Tartott Zárt Osztály, previously recorded by Fixateur Externe. Then the artists like Basura Genetica, Emerge, Andorkappen, Noisesculptor, Ernesto Bohorquez, Säkkikangas, Rovar17, and Xpldnlke decided to take this composition and remix it to their likeness. Right with the initial soundscapes, I can conclude this will be such a treat to those listeners who’re profoundly into experimental music.

Disco Satan carries seven remixes that are unveiling very diverse approaches to the particular composition. Each artist followed his own musical direction while remixing Nyitva Tartott Zárt Osztály. Therefore, this number always appears differently but also perfectly matches with other remixes in some characteristic manner. Soundwise, you can expect glitchy/eerie/weird electronica, chiptune, ambient, drone, industrial noise, and harsh noise. Fixateur Externe explores all of these genres with a touch of musique concrete, but it seems the beforementioned artists gave a bit of freshness to this composition. I especially enjoyed the remixes done by Noise Sculptor, Ernesto Bohorquez, and Rovar17 VS Xpldnlke, but the remaining portion of the involved artists also done an amazing job.

This release will be a special treat for those who’re into collecting music on obscure formats. Disco Satan comes on USB flash, which is not common in traditional music, but it is sporadically present on the noise scene. USB flash is a type of music carrier that works like a charm for soundscapes like these, both sonically and visually. This release also comes with simplistic but effective imagery of a dog sitting beside the wall. The backside of the cover carries the tracklist and all the necessary information about this release. Disco Satan is available on the Unsigned Bandcamp page.



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