Mamut - Nihilist

Mamut – Nihilist

Mamut - Nihilist

I am tuning in with another great release that unquestionably seeks the attention of the broader auditorium. Nihilist is a debut full-length album by Mamut, a relatively new Croatian quartet coming from Rijeka. The group nurtures interesting sound rarely heard in the Balkan region. Quite the contrary, I am not familiar with the bands who’re playing this style that I am aware of at the moment. Their music will be such a treat for both old and new admirers of the underground music scene. Besides ear-appealing music, Mamut pays a lot of attention to the lyrics. Lyrics deal with the behavior of contemporary society, offer philosophical thoughts about it, preach nihilism through effectively constructed messages, and share opinions about every aspect of life. Nihilist is a real deal for those who are demanding more than just heavy music.

Nihilist offers nine heavy compositions, cleverly assembled to satisfy even the pickiest pair of ears. Their sound is quite interesting, and it defies the easy definition into a single genre. Perhaps their music falls under the alternative metal branch, but there’s undoubtfully more than meets the eye. You can hear how genres like nu-metal, hardcore, sludge, doom, stoner, grunge, and other similar genres inspired these guys to assemble nine heavy numbers. All these elements are vividly hearable throughout the entire album. Mamut focuses on the heavy, sludgy, slow riffs, semi-distorted basslines, and dynamic rhythms. Dominantly clean chants are coming as a bit of refreshment because many similar bands are choosing scream or growl vocals as a go-to for this particular type of music.

Mamut considers every possible option when it comes to their sound, and it’s more than notable these guys spent a decent amount of time working on their tunes. No matter which aspect of Nihilist you pick up, these guys thoroughly thought about it. Lyrics are profoundly detailed, highly intelligent, provocative, and on point. Music levitates from contemporary alternative metal, sludge, stoner, doom to more nineties alternative metal, nu-metal, and grunge. The group invested an impressive amount of ideas, backed them up with superb musicianship, and created an album that demands continuous spinning. Nihilist is an excellent full-length that will easily get under your skin. The album is available on all streaming platforms, so pick up your weapon of choice and blast it loud.




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