Varoshan - ...And Then The Rains Came CS - Elitbolaget

Varoshan – …And Then The Rains Came CS (Elitbolaget)

Now it’s time for some heavier sounds. It’s been a while since I wrote something about sludge music, so this release came at the right time, thanks to Elitbolaget. …And Then The Rains Came by Varoshan is one of those records that keeps you entertained from scratch to finish. Of course, this only counts if you’re into heavy, dark, sludgy metallic hardcore music, which I am more than sure most of us dearly love. It possesses all the qualities of good sludge records, and there’s not the slightest doubt in my mind this debut album is everything you need during these cold winter days.

….And Then The Rains Came will unquestionably make you wonder, is this record really a debut? It sounds and appears like this is maybe the third or fourth album by the band because every single orchestration sounds top-notch. As soon as you press play, you’ll realize Varoshan consists of experienced musicians who’re playing this style for years. However, perhaps you will have some difficulties defining their primary music genre because these guys fully stacked their tunes with various sonic elements. Perhaps sludge is their primary weapon of choice, but Varoshan also incorporate stoner, doom, hardcore, metal, neo-crust, post-metal, and post-rock into their music. Still, don’t be so surprised if you encounter some other genres along the way because everything is possible.

The most important thing about …And Then The Rains Came is that everything sounds so good. Despite the number of genres involved, Varoshan know how to deal with all of them, so their music sounds fresh, unique, compact, but also heavy, energetic, dynamic, so this full-length possesses everything you need. Each composition contains thoughtfully assembled verses, nearly anthemic choruses, progressive segments, and instrumental parts. Still, Varoshan keep their music somewhere between traditional sludge metal/hardcore and progressive doom rock/post-rock all the time. This particular combination sounds perfect, and there’s only a couple of bands who can successfully perform music like this. Just like the remainder of the group, the lead vocals are aggressive, well-articulated, and superbly performed throughout the entire album. …And Then The Rains Came is a highly recommended soundtrack for these winter days. The album comes on cassette, but also, it will be available on streaming services. The official release date is January 11th. Keep your eyes peeled on Elitbolaget for more information about ordering this sludge gem.




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