Come The Spring - Echoes Revived CD - Engineer Records

Come The Spring – Echoes Revived CD (Engineer Records)

UK melodic punk rock/indie/emo scene is getting even stronger each day, thanks to hardworking bands, labels, and promoters. They’re representing significant cogs in the machinery that runs smoothly for decades. Engineer Records is one of those record labels that has been active for two decades and delivers tremendous releases daily. Recently, Engineer Records reissued Echoes by Come The Spring, but this time it includes a extended play previously recorded by the band, so the new title is Echoes Revived. For those who missed my review of Echoes CD, or somehow are still not familiar with this band, Come The Spring is a melodic punk rock group from Brighton, that consists of ex-members of Rydell and Strength Alone. It’s a group worth checking out, and I highly recommend this particular release.

Echoes Revived contains two extended plays, Revive (released back in 2015) and Echoes (released in 2018). It’s a pretty wise move since this release could serve as a full-length album now, which is probably its purpose. The compact disc contains thirteen compositions, of which one is a Boys Of Summer cover, originally performed by Don Henley. It’s nearly mindblowing how these two recordings are working together like a charm. It also showcases two different sides of Come The Spring. Revive goes towards emo/post-hardcore, while Echoes showcases an indie/melodic punk rock side. Still, you can notice it is performed by the same band because there are characteristic melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, themes, and riffs involved. Besides tremendous lead vocals, guitars are probably one of the first details you’ll notice about Come The Spring. There’s something about their performance that makes them unique on the UK undergroudn music scene.

Of course, do not forget the stalwart rhythm section that holds these melodies and harmonies together. You will unquestionably notice thoughtfully assembled chunky basslines, which are vividly hearable on both parts of this release. Exceptional drumming keeps everything in line with dynamic rhythmic segments, accentuations, and fills. The only thing that differs between these two EPs is the amount of aggression and energy involved. Echoes showcase a natural progression and clever ideas as the group spent more time together, but Revive liberates more aggression and rawness that will undoubtfully suit those who’re in search of flawlessly executed emo/post-hardcore sound. Both EPs are incredible, and you’ll have a tough decision to make, but you will probably love them both equally. Echoes Revived is available on a compact disc. As far as I am informed, the CDs are selling out fast, so don’t miss this one. Head over to Engineer Records for more detailed information about ordering.




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