Come The Spring – Echoes CD (Engineer Records)

Echoes is a third album by Brighton-based alt-rockers Come The Spring, but I would not necessarily classify them as an alternative rock band, because there’s certainly more than meets the eye. Sure, they contain all the possible qualities of a classic alternative band, but for me, they’re more into emo/indie group sound than the remaining portion of Engineer Records roster. There’s something about this group that continuously leads me to the point of thinking that way. One thing is for certain, their music offers much more than those bland alternative rock groups we previously experienced on loads of TV stations and Youtube channels.

The beauty of Come The Spring lays down in their ability to incorporate a wide array of similar and non-similar genres into a well-orchestrated amalgam. These experienced musicians purposely blend the essentials of emo and aesthetics of indie rock with post-rock accentuations. The emotions invested through the meaningful output of the lead singer pervade the echoic atmospheres provided by the guitars. Gracious dosages of studio reverb effect penetrate the delicate shreddings submitted by the rhythm guitar. The rhythm guitar seems a bit shy in the mix, but everything is done with a purpose to settle guitar licks upfront.

Lead guitar expands the sound with exceptional themes, usually performed through various technicalities, virtuosities, and improvisations. The reverb effect gives more depth to the overall ambiance that is one of the principal characteristics of this specific group. It graciously supports the emotive accentuations through appealing post-rock thematics, delicate enough not to harm the emo/indie aesthetics that Come The Spring unquestionably nurtures on the Echoes. However, the dominance of the lead guitars doesn’t spoil the song structures. Quite the contrary, it sometimes duels with melancholic chord progressions, mainly demonstrated by subtly distorted rhythm guitars.

Somewhere beneath the echoic layers of both guitars, chunky bass tones liberate crushing warm tones that saturate the atmosphere with some low-end delicacies. Judging by the performance, these basslines operate as a separate life form, ready to support both guitars with some delightfully massive tones. The presence of the bass guitar throughout the entire album without spoiling the dominance of the presented melodies goes beyond comprehension. Nothing would sound so compact, and dynamic without mindblowing drumming performance. The drummer expands the sound through the thoughtfully arranged rhythmical structures, entirely synchronized with the remaining portion of the group.

Come The Spring incorporates the vital elements of emo, screamo, indie, and post-rock into a comprehensive collection of thoughtfully arranged compositions. Besides marvelous music, the quintet includes meaningful lyrics that go hand in hand with extraordinary pleasing sound. Come The Spring thought about each aspect of their album. Echoes comes on a compact disc, housed in standard digipack packaging. The cover artwork follows the theme of an album with hand-drawn echoic waves layered over landscape photography of a beach. Inlay hides the photo of the band members hanging out on the mentioned beach with all the necessary info included on both sides of the digipack sleeve. Please check out Engineer Records for more detailed info about ordering. Highly recommended album for the admirers of profoundly emotive music.

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