Bison Face Share Their Latest Single

St Albans, UK grunge group Bison Face recently shared their latest single called Private Joke Party. This particular composition is their third single in the row. Formed by frontman, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Ernie Hill in 2019, Bison Face was completed when Hill’s school friend Alex Bowden joined shortly after as a guitar player. Their sound levitates between nineties grunge and alternative rock sound, but you may hear some other genres like hard rock and stoner along the way. Private Joke Party appears as a colossal slab of thoughtfully assembled noises that will blow you away in a matter of seconds.

Bison Face
Photo By Ernie Hill

The composition contains the right amount of aggression and melody. Bison Face balance between these two ingredients, which are unquestionably defining their sound. Private Joke Party commences with abrasive sounding riffs followed by flawlessly performed basslines and rhythmic segments. The song transits into a more melodic/harmonious chorus, which keeps the same amounts of energy. Bison Face keeps the pace from scratch to finish, leaving no room for mistakes. The duo made sure to stack this number with various guitar accentuations, so you’ll notice how perfectly articulated noise fulfills the ambiance from all the possible directions. Private Joke Party is available on Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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