About Leaving - Sculptures Of Water LP - Engineer Records / Navalla Records / CGTH Records / I'm Not Going Anywhere Tonight Records

About Leaving – Sculptures Of Water (Engineer Records / Navalla Discogs / CGTH Records / I’m Not Going Anywhere Tonight Records)

Engineer Records decided to nail this year with some outstanding records and the vinyl I would like to talk about today is unquestionably one of those that deserve your full attention. Sculptures Of Water by About Leaving is one of those records that will suit all the admirers of emo sound, but who knows, maybe it will also be right up the alley for those who’re looking out for some melodic underground music. If you’re not familiar with the work of this group, About Leaving come from Barcelona, Spain, and Sculptures Of Water is their second full-length recording. Previously, the group released An Echo, an album that you should check out alongside Sculptures Of Water. They both rock in their own terms. So, without further ado, let’s dive into their recent recording.

Sculptures Of Water carries ten profoundly emotive, melodic, soothing emo compositions that probably lean much more towards modern emo, but you may hear some old-school sonic maneuvers along the way. Still, About Leaving are not only about exploring emo aesthetics. Quite the contrary, this interesting Spanish quintet has a lot of things to convey through their ear-appealing music, so they include some other elements along the way. You may stumble upon some ingredients like melodic punk rock, indie, alternative, and maybe post-hardcore while listening to Sculptures Of Water. At some points, each one of these ingredients shapes the sound of this outstanding comprehensive collection of wisely assembled numbers, but the emo aesthetics remain intact from scratch to finish.

About Leaving know what they’re doing. The group cleverly arranged the entire album, and each number possesses a perfect structure. First of all, the guitars are bursting with enormously good melancholic melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, and the guitar players mostly deliver these orchestrations through various dualities. The verses are much more powerful, mainly because those segments are dedicated to heavy riffs. You’ll also notice warm-sounding low-end tones assembled into catchy basslines in the mix, while the drummer is fully responsible for the dynamics of the entire group. Seriously, the drumming performance bursts with energetic rhythmic sequences, various accentuations, and fills that give even more power to these songs. The clean lead vocals are coming as another layer above all the orchestrations, and I honestly couldn’t imagine any other singing style that appropriately goes with the music like this. Sculptures Of Water is a perfect modern emo album from scratch to finish. Head over to Engineer Records, Navalla Discos, CGTH Records, I’m Not Going Anywhere Tonight Records, order this album on black vinyl, or check it out on streaming services if you’re more into digital streaming. You won’t regret it!




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