Oktoplut - Le Démon Normal LP - Slam Disques

Oktoplut – Le Démon Normal LP (Slam Disques)

Oktoplut - Le Démon Normal LP - Slam Disques

So far, I have learned that Slam Disques embraces a wide variety of diverse genres under its branch. Therefore, their roster is quite unique and offers something for everyone. No matter what genre you’re into, Slam Disques unquestionably deserves to pay them a visit. I wasn’t familiar with Oktoplut before, but I will repeal that mistake by writing a review about their second album named Le Démon Normal LP, released by the beforementioned Canadian recording label back in 2017. The group previously released Oktoplut 7″, Pansements LP, La Sorcière de Roche 7″, and a recent full-length RIONNOIR. Trust me, every recording by this Montréal, Québec-based duo is worth checking out, so pick up the one you fancy the most and listen to it loud.

Le Démon Normal contains eleven genre-bending compositions that will instantly get under your skin. The duo possesses impressive songwriting/composing skills, and their musical abilities are vividly hearable from scratch to finish. Perhaps the sound of Oktoplut dominantly showcases their admiration towards melodic punk rock, but there’s unquestionably a lot of things going on in their tunes. You may also stumble upon contemporary pop-punk, post-hardcore, hardcore, stoner rock, alternative rock, indie rock, post-rock, and other similar genres, but somehow, Oktoplut still appears as a melodic punk rock band. Maybe the mixture of melodic punk rock and stoner rock with subtle touches of shoegaze and stoner rock describes their music the best, but you will undoubtfully notice some other elements lurking along the way.

The duo transits from echoic harmonies and soothing melodies into more aggressive, colossal, fully distorted riffages with such ease. Still, this all happens during the verses, while the group all of a sudden gets back into mellow sounding, singalongish, anthemic, ear-appealing choruses. Of course, it all depends on the current mood of the group, but somehow it seems this formula works the best for Oktoplut. There are also much heavier tunes that lean towards some other extreme music genres like modern metal, hardcore, hardcore punk, sludge, crust punk, so Oktoplut includes all their interests within this material. Le Démon Normal proves that Oktoplut works fine no matter in which direction they’re currently heading to, mainly because each tune sound superb and flawlessly performed. Le Démon Normal comes on vinyl, compact disc and digital, so head over to Slam Disques webstore for more detailed information about ordering.



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