Decent Criminal - DC EP - Sell The Heart Records/Gunner Records

Decent Criminal – DC EP (Sell The Heart Records/Gunner Records)

Decent Criminal - DC EP - Sell The Heart Records/Gunner Records

Here’s another great from the Sell The Heart Records batch. This group is not a stranger to these pages, and I had a chance to review their third full-length material named Bliss. Decent Criminal is one of those groups that are constantly experimenting with the sound, shape-shifting sonic aesthetics, and delving deep into the depths of several complementary genres. Their previous material received loads of positive critics, and I was profoundly impressed by their music as well. Their latest extended material proves my point about experimentations, but the group somehow still follows the same aesthetics of their much older recordings. It’s one of those releases you surely don’t want to miss.

DC EP contains four tremendous compositions that defy further classifications into a singular music genre. There are so many elements, and each one defines or makes this particular material even better. Perhaps the melodic punk rock aesthetics are dominant throughout the entire recording, but ingredients like alternative rock, indie rock, indie pop, and grunge are elevating these numbers on an entirely new level. Decent Criminal handles all these genres with such ease, and that’s vividly hearable from scratch to finish. You’ll maybe notice how Decent Criminal constantly leans toward a more contemporary sound. However, the group includes details and features more common for the nineties alternative rock or grunge sound.

This recording also delves deeper into some indie pop/pop-rock aesthetics, but Decent Criminal stayed loyal to their melodic punk rock roots. Someone may say this is a drastic metamorphosis, but I would call it a natural progression of a band that continuously delivers fresh, unique, ear-appealing, entertaining music to the table. Decent Criminal is known for the profoundly detailed lyrics and cleverly arranged compositions, so that’s the case with this EP as well. We are talking about the band that always delivers superb, emotive, melodic indie songs, so you will admire their work even more after spinning this EP a couple of times. DC EP contains only three compositions, but believe me, that’s more than enough to fall in love with their music if you’re encountering this magnificent band for the first time. The EP is available on dark grey/light grey vinyl, red vinyl, and all streaming platforms. Head over to Sell The Heart Records or Gunner Records for more detailed information about ordering.




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