Pam Risourié - So, Be It Eternity LP - Engineer Records / Araki Records / Lofish Records / Pyrrhic Victory Recordings

Pam Risourié – So Be It, Eternity LP (Engineer Records / Araki Records / Lofish Records / Pyrrhic Victory Recordings)

Sometimes I forget about some releases that I heard before, and sadly, this happened to me with this particular record. I remember that this record instantly blew me away when I heard it over streaming services. Luckily, Engineer Records sent it for a review in their latest batch, along with other goodies. The cover artwork looked familiar to me, so I was like, have I ever listened to this record before? The answer was positive when I heard the initial notes and beats. While some readers might think this release is uncommon for Engineer Records, you will be reassured once you take a listen to So Be It, Eternity by Pam Risourié because there are some other sonic ingredients involved along the way. It’s one of those records that goes far beyond regular dream-pop sound. Also, it would be good to mention that Engineer Records released this outstanding vinyl record with Araki Records, Lofish Records, and Pyrrhic Victory Recordings.

So Be It, Eternity is the third extended play by this French dream-pop quintet. The recording contains five soothing, relaxing, cathartic, melodic, harmonious compositions, but the group offers more than a regular dream-pop sound. Besides the sheer dominance of dream pop, you may experience some other complementary genres such as shoegaze, indie rock, indie pop, and emo. It perfectly suits the reverby, echoic, delayed aesthetics of the band, but you will also notice this band doesn’t stop there. Their music sometimes resonates with more dynamics, energy, power than any other contemporary dream-pop group you stumbled upon before. It’s mainly because of their interest in genres, but still, Pam Risourié balances between calmy and slightly aggressive segments with such ease. The beforementioned guitar and studio effects play one of the significant roles in producing a cathartic ambiance that gives an entirely new dimension to the complete release.

The guitars shine brightly from scratch to finish. Crystal clear chord progressions mixed with the beforementioned guitar effects are doing wonders on each number. The lead guitar provides discreet themes that are perfectly paired with the rhythm guitar, so you’ll hear each note delivered by both instruments. The rhythm section provides more than necessary support, massiveness, and stability through wisely assembled basslines and exceptional drumming performance. The high-pitched but calm lead vocals are coming as another layer of melodies over these orchestrations, so the entire EP sounds like a charm. So Be It, Eternity is one of those records you need in your record collection if you’re profoundly into dream-pop music. Head over to Engineer Records, Araki Records, Pyrrhic Victory Recordings, or Lofish Records for more information about ordering this gem.




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