Abuse Ritual - Abuse Ritual CD - Demons Run Amok Entertainment

Abuse Ritual – Abuse Ritual CD (Demons Run Amok Entertainment)

A couple of recent releases by Demons Run Amok Entertainment arrived about a week ago, so I thought it would be great to start a weekend with a debut full-length recording by Abuse Ritual. As far as I am informed, Abuse Ritual is a brand new band formed by the former members of bands such as Snapring, All Out War, Merauder, and Burn The Weak. I have to admit it was a while since I listened to something like this and their sound completely blew me away. Abuse Ritual succeeded in gathering enormous amounts of power and dynamics onto one place, and whoever played music at some point of his life knows that sometimes this is a hard task to achieve. Therefore, I would like to write a little bit more about this interesting record.

This self-titled debut full-length material carries eight profoundly energetic metalcore compositions. By metalcore, I am not talking about the contemporary generic metalcore emulated by so many bands out there. Abuse Ritual is a hardcore group heavily interested in exploring other genres like death metal, grind, and grindcore. This creative group of experienced musicians continuously levitates between hardcore and death metal, but their compositions don’t sound off by any means. Quite the contrary, their music sounds as compact, precise, flawlessly executed as it possibly could be. Their progressiveness and technically demanding musicianship go beyond comprehension so many times throughout the entire material, so their tunes will leave you speechless as you dig deeper and deeper into their album.

The guitars are offering bone-crushing chugs, slow palm-muted, and fast-paced hardcore riffs. Still, you may encounter thoughtfully assembled progressive death metal scales, thrash metal riffs, metal themes, and impressive solos. It’s nearly mindblowing how the rhythm guitar shreds on one, and the lead guitar delivers various sonic delicacies on the other side. The intense basslines are kicking in from the beneath and contributing to these guitar dualities with heavily distorted low-end tones. Nothing would sound so profoundly dynamic without an excellent drumming performance, which offers many rhythmic maneuvers, acrobatics, accentuations, and fills. The vocals range from growls and scream to more classic hardcore shouts. The lead vocalist cleverly uses his impressive vocal abilities to fit the particular segments within these tunes.

Abuse Ritual operates as unstoppable wrecking machinery from scratch to finish, and you’ll be blown away by their ideas and musicianship. The group paid so much attention to song structures and arrangements. Also, the number of progressive segments, beatdown parts, technical sequences goes beyond comprehension. It is an impressive debut full-length by experienced musicians who paved the way for metalcore as we know it today. The album comes on compact disc and digital streaming platforms. As usual, Demons Run Amok Entertainment did an incredible job with packaging, so the compact disc looks eye-peeling. Head over to Demons Run Amok Entertainment for more detailed information about ordering.




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