Truth & Tragedy - Innocence Abandoned CD

Truth & Tragedy – Innocence Abandoned CD

Truth & Tragedy - Innocence Abandoned CD

Here’s another great one that I purposely left as a treat for this Sunday. Truth & Tragedy is a tremendous post-hardcore duo, which developed as a result of six months of planning, songwriting, and recording. This German duo emanates from Bamberg, and recently they premiered their debut full-length material over social media. Truth & Tragedy heavily promoted this recording with a couple of singles, such as Helmand and Thanks For Nothing. As far as I performed, these singles gathered loads of positive feedback from the hardcore community, so I decided to give it a try. After a couple of spins, I was impressed by their balanced sound and decided to give these guys a proper review of their debut material.

Innocence Abandoned offers ten intense post-hardcore numbers, entirely performed to fit the standards of the contemporary underground scene. Truth & Tragedy offer their version of a modern hardcore sound, which is simultaneously melodic and massive. The balance between profoundly energetic and calmy segments goes beyond comprehension in so many ways, so you will solely enjoy this material if you’re into cleverly assembled modern hardcore. Besides post-hardcore, modern hardcore, and melodic hardcore, you may also stumble upon some screamo, emo, pop-punk, post-rock, and metalcore elements, which are enhancing this material even more. The vast majority of this material is sung in English, but you can also notice a couple of segments where the group includes their native German language. Such a nice addition that gives a bit of freshness and diversity.

It’s mindblowing how Truth & Tragedy planned and assembled all these tunes, then record them and managed to publish them on compact disc. These tunes are thoroughly planned to perfection and fully stacked with melancholic melodies, deeply emotive moments, robust riffages, and exceptional rhythmic sequences. The guitars are exploring all the possibilities in order to offer the best performance that will satisfy even the pickiest fans of modern hardcore sounds. The way guitars transit from massive downtuned shreds to echoic melodies will unquestionably gather even the most stubborn guitar nerds around. Lead vocals offer high-pitched shoutouts, growls, screams, and clean chants on nearly every single track. These guys undoubtfully know what they’re doing, and that’s vividly hearable throughout the entire album. You can purchase their album at their website or enjoy it over streaming platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.




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