Mass Hypnosis - Disin4mation CD - Geenger Records

Mass Hypnosis – Disin4mation CD (Geenger Records)

Mass Hypnosis - Disin4mation CD - Geenger Records

Once again, we’re dusting off the dirt from the Geenger Records archive shelves, exploring some of their older releases and whatnot. This time I decided to pick up some slightly different than our readers might get used to, so instead of some good old punk rock, I picked up a modern metal band. I thought this would be such a neat addition to the blog, and our readers could explore some brilliant acts located in the Balkan region. This one will be such a treat for metalheads who’re loving their metal ultra-fast, technical, and flawlessly produced. Mass Hypnosis is a technical death metal/modern metal band that emanates from Zagreb, Croatia. I am not familiar with what happened to Mass Hypnosis because it seems like the group ceased using social media sometime around 2014. The only information accessible about the group is that they released a couple of recordings, such as Disin4mation, Media Brainwash, Sanctimonious, and God Complex. Therefore, I would like to talk about their debut full-length Disin4mation today.

Disin4mation carries thirteen thoroughly planned compositions that are levitating between several subgenres of metal music. Mass Hypnosis examines melodic death metal, deathrash, grind, and modern metal throughout the entire album. However, it seems their music includes crust punk aesthetics and some subtle touches of industrial. All these elements are submerged into thoughtfully assembled metal numbers, decorated with outstanding arrangements. The group showcases technically precise performance from scratch to finish, and it unquestionably represents one of those bands that are not leaving room to breathe during the entire set. Each composition includes relentless dynamics, massive portions of raw energy, decent amounts of melodies, and loads of palm-muted riffs. Mass Hypnosis offers generous servings of blastbeats, fast-paced rhythms, half-step tempos, and beatdowns. The group thought about all the segments, so their album doesn’t appear as another bland, repetitious metal recording.

It’s nearly mindblowing how each musician offers a variety of technicalities during this material. Besides flawlessly executed instrumentations and a tremendous performance by each member, I also have to mention an outstanding vocal performance. The vocalist provides a full range of various technics that go hand in hand with the orchestrations of the remainder of Mass Hypnosis. You may hear growls, pig squeals, blackened screams, and shoutouts all the way through, and somehow all these singing technics are marvelously applying to the sound of the group. The lyrics are questioning religion, politics, authority, mass media manipulation, and humanity. Lyricwise, Mass Hypnosis has a lot in common with the punk rock scene because it criticizes all the mistakes of civilization. Sadly, all these themes are still relevant today, ten years after the initial publishing of the album. You should check out this recording if you’re into melodic death metal, deathrash, grind, and modern metal. Head over to Geenger Records for more detailed information about ordering.




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