Emerge – Hiding Place CD (Frozen Light Records)

Hiding Place is one of the better releases by Emerge, great ambient drone artist from Augsburg, Germany, considering it has been released in January of 2016. by Frozen Light Records from Moscow. Emerge is using a similar recipe for his releases which doesn’t allow any mistakes, so the tracks are very well recorded and produced.… Read More Emerge – Hiding Place CD (Frozen Light Records)

Red Boiling Springs – Adrift (Nailbat Tapes)

Sometimes, collection of works recorded in a period of five years can be extremely good and that’s the case with Red Boiling Springs, the amazing project of Matt Sullivan, who also runs Nailbat Tapes, record label currently located in Portland, Oregon. ”Adrift” consists of four tracks with the similar flow, very suitable for times when… Read More Red Boiling Springs – Adrift (Nailbat Tapes)

Toy Bizarre / Emerge – Split LP (Attenuation Circuit)

Once again I have a privilege to review the ambient album and this time it’s a split vinyl record between Toy Bizzare and Emerge. I had some difficulties to find more information about Toy Bizzare, but after half of an hour of searching through the magic world of internet technologies, I founded that Toy Bizzare… Read More Toy Bizarre / Emerge – Split LP (Attenuation Circuit)

Michael Esposito & Dave Philips – The Ghosts Of Freaks 7”

Sometimes you wake up in the morning with an aim to listen to some cheerful music and simply jump off the bed and have a very nice day with your friends somewhere outside, but sometimes what you really need is some dark and mystical industrial ambient experimentations to hold you tied to a chair and… Read More Michael Esposito & Dave Philips – The Ghosts Of Freaks 7”

Our Lady Of Flowers – Holiday In Thule CD (Silentes Records)

Our Lady Of Flowers is a collective comprised of five sound artists, five different masterminds, five different approaches to the exact theme and experimental genre. Each one of them delivers a special flavor to Holiday In Thule, their latest collaboration which is already sold out. You can imagine how good this material is since they’ve… Read More Our Lady Of Flowers – Holiday In Thule CD (Silentes Records)

Sleep Chrysalis – Sleep Chrysalis (Centipede Farm Records)

This tape is example of how creative people can be. It’s not a typical noise release which you stumble upon each time you’re purchasing tape or vinyl in the record store. This is truly the full specter of what ambient music can be and can do to your mind when it’s smartly arranged, recorded and… Read More Sleep Chrysalis – Sleep Chrysalis (Centipede Farm Records)

Sonologyst / Kshatriy – Time Is The Enemy (Attenuation Circuit)

Time Is The Enemy is an extraordinary collaboration between Sonologyst and Kshatriy. Sonologyst is the solo project of Raffaele Pazzela, an enthusiast who based his sound around experiments from the fifties and sixties with modern school of electroacoustic art. Kshatriy is the solo project of Sergey Bulychev, brilliant Russian native and sound artist. Time Is The Enemy comes up… Read More Sonologyst / Kshatriy – Time Is The Enemy (Attenuation Circuit)

CAM – Mirror Confrotations LP (Skrat Records)

CAM is an experimental electroacoustic trio from Copenhagen, Denmark and it consists of Claus Poulsen, Anders Børup and Mads Paluszewski-Hau, so I assume the name of the band are the initials of the band members. The beauty of the CAM lays in their improvisation skills during the recording process with constant sound leading or following during their playing with… Read More CAM – Mirror Confrotations LP (Skrat Records)

K2 / Allan Zane – Split LP (Attenuation Circuit)

Brutal, uncompromising and simply beautiful. Those words best describe a split release between longstanding Japanoise artist Kimihide Kusafuka (K2) & Allan Zane, a multimedia artist based in the United States. Expect anything except silence, because of this blasting vinyl record contents all the harshness of both artists. K2 have the privilege to be on an… Read More K2 / Allan Zane – Split LP (Attenuation Circuit)