Night Slaves - II CS - Swimming Faith Records

Night Slaves – II CS (Swimming Faith Records)

Night Slaves - II CS - Swimming Faith Records

Night Slaves moved forward with this particular material. It’s a proper continuation of their debut cassette EP that contains some remarkable evolvements towards darkwave aesthetics. This material represents their second EP recording that pushed things to a bit more dynamic sound, decorated with loads of notable improvements. Unlike their debut, this one has lost that dominant depressive accentuation and paved the way to a more energetic synth-pop sound that leans towards darkwave. II showcases the musical progression of Night Slaves stacked onto five tremendous compositions.

This material liberates generous dosages of the eighties synth-pop sound, empowered by astounding thematics, melancholic ambiances, and massive generic beats. Each composition contains repetitious rhythmical structures that are acting as a perfect base for the remaining instrumentations. The remaining instruments are keeping things entertaining throughout every number by bursting polyphonic clusters straight to the listeners. Keyboard themes are continuously slapping the listening apparatus, while the pleasing atmospherics are filling the room with melancholic melodies. Synth sequences are keeping everything in line since they’re coming right in between these themes and rhythmical structures.

Night Slaves thought about every single detail, movement, orchestration, and experimentation on this one. Besides their initial musical preferences, the group includes experimental noise, harsh noise, glitch, and dark ambient. These additional elements are enhancing particular moments throughout the record, but the focus remains on the industrial and synth-pop sound. Lead vocals are playing one of the principal roles on this material, and it seems like John manipulates the direction on each composition with his vocal abilities. John steers the wheel with a profoundly emotive performance, which has been decorated by the additional layer of fuzzy distortion.

II showcases even further progression of Night Slaves that comes as a direct slap in the face. These numbers are cleverly arranged and will suit the admirers of industrial, darkwave, and synth-pop music. The cassette is limited to 100 copies, and it comes housed in a classic cassette jewel case. Each tape came with a slightly different, but similar cover artwork. It certainly looks unique. The cassettes are gone, but the complete material is available at Night Slaves Bandcamp page for free.



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