Royal Hungarian Noisemakers - Le Roi Est Mort CD

Royal Hungarian Noisemakers – Le Roi Est Mort CD (Unsigned Records)

Royal Hungarian Noisemakers emanate from Budapest, Hungary. I was fortunate enough to share the stage with this live act, but also to experience their live performances a couple of times. Whoever experienced their live performance, left with the impression there’s a lot more going on, mainly because of the presence of both analog and digital approaches, equally presented to the audience. It’s nearly impossible to miss their live performances since Royal Hungarian Noisemakers are constantly touring throughout Europe.

Le Roi Est Mort is their latest offering to the admirers of avant-garde experimentations, and this material offers seven compositions recorded on their live shows. This time, Royal Hungarian Noisemakers levitate somewhere in between detailed noise explorations and delicate minimalist approaches, showcased at particular tracks. Perhaps the sound leans towards the industrial ambiances because of the well-defined atmospherics and subtle beats involved at some moments. However, Royal Hungarian Noisemakers, as usual, offer even further examinations by including every possible option during their live sets.

Usage of various acid accentuations, lo-fi glitches, distorted soundscapes, monologues, dialogues, and other implementations entirely highlights the classic approach of these noise musicians. Another characteristic of Royal Hungarian Noisemakers is their sense to equally polarize classic shool of noise, harsh noise, ambient, minimal electronica, drone, and other approaches to accentuate used soundscapes. Therefore, you’ll encounter calmy ambiances transcending into more energized sound manipulations that, all of a sudden, become raging harsh noise tunes. Royal Hungarian Noisemakers understand their sound and go with the flow according to the current mood.

Le Roi Est Mort comes as a compact disc housed in a minimalistic cardboard cover. They are hand-numbered to 25 copies, so act fast if you’re solely into these obscure experimentations, saturated with a bit of notable dark atmosphere. Head over to the Unsigned Records Bandcamp page for more detailed information and ordering.



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