Toru - Toru CD EP - Various Labels

Toru – Toru CD EP (Various Labels)

Toru - Toru CD EP - Various Labels

Toru is an outstanding French trio that recently released a debut material on both vinyl and compact disc. The group consists of Nicolas Brisset on drums and tambourine, Héloïse Francesconi on guitar, and Arthur Arsenne on another guitar. These bandmembers also provide additional noises throughout the entire material. Their sonic articulations are going far beyond alternative, experimental, noise rock, math, indie, or any other derivate of underground rock music you can stumble upon along the way. You may think how some of these subgenres might not work together in harmony because of some differences between them, but Toru operates as a singular wrecking machine throughout the entire recording.

This self-titled debut includes six detailed compositions that are spanning over all the abovementioned genres. Toru explores experimental waters but also keeps things precise, delicate, compact as much as possible. This recording could fell under the noise rock branch because of the gradually contributed layers of fuzz distortion and rhythmic acrobatics that define noise rock as a genre. Nevertheless, Toru examines the remaining genres through detailed segments, intense moments, and calmy breaks. You’ll notice how the band includes experimental noise music, ambient noise, free jazz, and traditional jazz into their sound. These sporadical explorations into non-rhythmic avant-garde genres are matching to the remaining instrumentations. Still, these free improvisations are enhancing the overall atmosphere, mainly because of the similarities with noise rock music.

Another remarkable thing about Toru is a perfect sense of balance. Each member gives enough space for other bandmembers to improvise during each composition. However, they’re liberating generous portions of energy while they’re combined altogether. These musicians are fully aware of the advantage that free improvisation generously offers, so they’re exploiting every possible option to the maximum. The entire material bursts with raw, relentless, unstoppable energy that awaits somewhere behind the nearest corner with an aim to slap you directly in the face with giant slabs of noise. This self-titled EP will suit all the admirers of perfectly executed noise rock music, who’re loving unexpected twists into experimental avant-garde sound.

This recording comes as an eco pack compact disc, but you can also grab a vinyl edition. This is a collaborative release between Jarane Records, Poutrage Records, Araki Records, and Pied de Biche Records. Make sure to check some of these record labels for more detailed information about ordering.



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