Rovar17 & Xpldnglke – Miracles Of Orbanistan (Unsigned Records)

Miracles Of Orbanistan are reflecting the contemporary political climate in Hungary which has been disguised by the veil of autocratic democracy, mainly because of the extreme policies of Hungarian prime minister. However, this material indicates the Hungarian political condition through the album title, while the compositions are obtaining other, more abstract themes. Both projects are… Read More Rovar17 & Xpldnglke – Miracles Of Orbanistan (Unsigned Records)

Nundata – Fecal Poppies

Nundata is widely recognized in harsh noise circles for his incredibly distinctive energetic performances and despite being sporadically active, this avant-garde project already has over 80 albums, collaborations and split releases since 2009. He collaborated and has done split releases with notable acts such as Jarboe, Justin Mark Lloyd, Ecoute La Merde, LordxGonzo, Aggression Sonore,… Read More Nundata – Fecal Poppies

The Stone Tapes – Revolutions In The Head CD (Attenuation Circuit)

Revolution In The Head is a highly anticipated album by The Stone Tapes, a supergroup constituted of dAS and Ninah Pixie (Big City Orchestra), Edward Ka-Spel and Philip Knight (The Legendary Pink Dots), and Frans de Waard (Kapotte Musik, Beequeen, Goem). These profoundly skilled artists have applied numerous distinguishing technics and procedures to the sound,… Read More The Stone Tapes – Revolutions In The Head CD (Attenuation Circuit)

Tech Riders – In The Sky CD (Attenuation Circuit)

Tech Riders is an interesting experimental project comprised of Sindre Bjerga (Norway) and Frans De Vaard (Netherlands) who determined to join forces during their tour throughout Germany and Netherlands. It seemed like an excellent idea and truthfully, Tech Riders articulate like a charm essentially because of the creativity, experience, abilities, and effort both aforementioned artists… Read More Tech Riders – In The Sky CD (Attenuation Circuit)

Martwa Natura / Schmitt – Solecka – Stadlmeier – II (Attenuation Circuit)

If you like some dark ambient sounds in the morning as I do, then you’ll love this split. Martwa Natura teamed up with Emerge and it resulted in more than half of an hour of very good sound experimentations full of strange sounding vocals distorted by a delay and echo effects, weird background ambiance and… Read More Martwa Natura / Schmitt – Solecka – Stadlmeier – II (Attenuation Circuit)

Consume And Expire / Sexy Crocodile For Dinner And Diva Caramella – Split Tape (Attenuation Circuit)

This time we are dealing with a bit more noisy material than before and this split is right up my alley from the very beginning. Harsh at the one point, but still listenable, it’s even suitable for the listeners who are not so much into harsh noise. Consume And Expire is a duo consisting of… Read More Consume And Expire / Sexy Crocodile For Dinner And Diva Caramella – Split Tape (Attenuation Circuit)

Suspicion Breeds Confidence – Tand CD (Attenuation Circuit)

Suspicion Breeds Confidence is a German electronic music project consisting of Tobias Schmitt while Tomislav Bucalic and Aidan Mark appear repeatedly on the recordings and participate in the live performances. They derived their name from one of the totalitarian slogans from Terry Gilliam’s film Brazil. Suspicion Breeds Confidence is one of the longstanding German projects… Read More Suspicion Breeds Confidence – Tand CD (Attenuation Circuit)

Lillmeyer / Stadlmeier – Zwie-Spalt CD (Attuenation Circuit)

This release includes two live recordings of H. Lillmeyer and Sascha Stadlmeier, both recorded in Augsburg during 2015. and in 2016. The first one is recorded at H2 – Zentrum für Gegenwartskunst Im Glaspalast and the second one is recorded at Die Ganze Bäckerei, so you’ll get two recording sessions at the price of one,… Read More Lillmeyer / Stadlmeier – Zwie-Spalt CD (Attuenation Circuit)

Skrei – Cörengrätö CD (Attenuation Circuit)

Skrei is a drone project of Giuseppe Capriglione and this is the first time I am listening to his project. Giuseppe knows how to deal with effects, loops, and samples. The proof is Cörengrätö, masterpiece packed in something more than thirty minutes. The first thing that caught my attention is a tape loop he’s using… Read More Skrei – Cörengrätö CD (Attenuation Circuit)

Torturing Nurse / Antitalent – Split (Supreme Analog Torture Records)

Uncompromising, irritant, loud. These three words can best describe a split tape between Chinese harsh noise master Torturing Nurse and Serbian harsh noise artist Antitalent which is, by the way, active on so many levels with his prolific DIY label Jesboligakurac and grindcore band Pro-Past. The first side of the cassette is dedicated to Torturing… Read More Torturing Nurse / Antitalent – Split (Supreme Analog Torture Records)