ParaNoiZ ‎– The Rules Of Free Improvisation CD

ParaNoiZ ‎– The Rules Of Free Improvisation CD

ParaNoiZ ‎– The Rules Of Free Improvisation CD

It has been a while since I wrote about experimental music on these pages due to some responsibility towards other music genres. A pile of avant-garde releases awaited on the shelf for a couple of months, so finally, the time has come to dedicate a couple of posts to the releases I received from the Unsigned label. Unsigned is probably a familiar name to our devoted readers and regular visitors, but if you’re somehow still unfamiliar with the work of this Hungarian experimental label, now is the right time to check it out. Kálmán Pongrácz is mainly responsible for everything that considers Unsigned, Havizaj fest, Rovar17, ParaNoiz, and many other outlets/activities at the experimental/avant-garde music scene. Today, I would like to talk about The Rules Of Improvisation by ParaNoiZ, one of his projects that involves several other Hungarian avant-garde artists.

The Rules Of Improvisation is one of their older recordings that date back to 2012. It is also probably one of their debut recordings, besides the split release with Animal Machine and Circuitrip. This particular material carries six rules about free improvisation distilled into experimental compositions. ParaNoiz nurtures such a unique sound since its inception by merging subgenres of avant-garde music into a compact entirety. You may stumble upon ambient, drone, musique concrete, experimental noise, harsh noise, industrial, but the group leaves more than enough room for some other subgenres during the entire journey. The noise aspect ranges from digital, over industrial to analog noise, but each of these three elements is assembled to fit the overall ambiance. ParaNoiZ dedicates a lot of attention to drumming sequences, which are as experimental as any other component enclosed within this material.

The drumming goes from free jazz virtuosities over chaotic segments to more moderate sequences, depending on the current mood of the group. The dynamics and improvisations are also depending on the experimentations provided by the remaining portion of the group. Each composition offers loads of listening pleasures to those who’re profoundly into experimental avant-garde sound, but perhaps the admirers of free jazz will probably enjoy this material to the max. As far as I am informed, The Rules Of Improvisation is still available on compact disc, so head over to the Unsigned Bandcamp page for more detailed information about ordering.



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