Premiere: Kramer Shares New Video/Single “Burial At Sea”

Today, iconic musician and producer Kramer shares “Burial at Sea,” the final single off his brand new LP, Music for Films Edited by Moths, out today via Shimmy-Disc/Joyful Noise Recordings.  As shown via this new track’s accompanying visual, Dutch Visual Artist TINCA VEERMAN takes Kramer’s idiosyncratic ambient works to new depths of awareness in this liquid lament, composed for the legions lost at… Read More Premiere: Kramer Shares New Video/Single “Burial At Sea”

Beluga – Oceans Apart EP (Geenger Records)

Christmas came earlier for all the admirers of post-rock music, thanks to Beluga. This Croatian trio recorded such an outstanding extended play, released a couple of days ago by unstoppable Geenger Records. So, if you think you will lack some good instrumental post-rock music during the holiday festivities, then you’re wrong. After all, there’s one… Read More Beluga – Oceans Apart EP (Geenger Records)

Aleph Trio – Promenade

There are hordes of immensely creative artists out there that are seeking the attention of the broader auditorium. Creative minds are continuously popping out from every possible direction by demonstrating brilliant ideas realized through tremendous musicianship. The best part about this phenomenon is that the quantity doesn’t exceed quality, so you cannot even choose your… Read More Aleph Trio – Promenade

Horse Lords – The Common Task LP (Northern Spy Records)

The Common Task is a brand new album by Horse Lords, a very creative group of musicians coming from Baltimore, Maryland. The quartet has started its musical voyage in 2010, and so far has released numerous amount of excellent full-length recordings, such as a Horse Lords LP in 2012, Hidden Cities LP in 2014, Interventions… Read More Horse Lords – The Common Task LP (Northern Spy Records)